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Tips for beginner personal trainers : Words of Wisdom…


We all start somewhere…

Tips for beginner personal trainers

So you are officially a personal trainer, and you’ve passed your test! Wohoo!

The trouble is that once you become a qualified personal trainer your pretty much on your own with regards to further education and business development. To progress further you have to invest time and money to ensure you keep learning.

So many personal trainers don’t develop their education past their initial training course, which subsequently increases the likely hood of poor coaching standards and skills. This means you have to charge less, and often quit because you’ve not got enough customers!

It’s so much more than just workouts and diets!

When I started out in the industry I thought It would be easy. I knew what worked for me and all I had to do was teach that to others. How wrong I was. You see i’ve been disciplined in the art of health and fitness for 20 years (nearly all my life). Expecting people to adhere to my training and habits was ludicrous!

I couldn’t understand back then why clients were’t getting results, but I soon figured that 1) the plan wasn’t right for them or 2) although they said they were following the plan they weren’t!

You see personal training is so much more than providing a workout and nutritional plan. It’s about looking at each individual, analysing habits, lifestyle, strengths, and weaknesses, amongst many other factors, so you can  provide the best solution(s) moving forwards.

The improvement of my own coaching over the years has been down to experience, and learning my trade through books, extra courses and paying private mentors. I’ve figured i’ve spent £60,000 on my fitness and health related education to date – read full story here.

Who to follow in our industry…

Once you’ve become qualified as a personal trainer i’d recommend checking out the following people to further your education:

The 3 people i’ve mentioned above provide plenty of free resources like podcasts, videos and online articles. Make-sure to check them out.

Keep Investing. Keep Learning. 

The learning never stops. Make-sure that you continue investing in your education to ensure you stay on top of your game.

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