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Tips on preparing for your first gym experience…


Tips on preparing for your first gym experience…

So you’ve taken your first step in becoming a healthier, fitter person. Question is, are you ready for it? While some fitness specialists might tell you that you’re going to need a vast array of equipment, training or gear, all you really need is a little preparation…

1) Figure out who you want to be

This sounds like a philosophical question, but really, it’s all about visualising the body you’re aiming for. Just like the sculptor who crafts a masterpiece from a slab of marble, if you’re going to perfect your body, you need a vision of the end result you want.

Write down a long-term body weight target, visualise the areas of your body where you want to increase muscle, and imagine how toned or defined you’d like your muscles to be. With a goal in mind, it’s so more motivating to step into the gym room! Your personal trainer or online personal trainer can also help you with this.

2) Log Your Workouts

Grab yourself a log book. Any old notepad will do, but make sure it’s only going to be used for the gym. Keeping a record of your times, weights and achievements will boost your confidence and motivation by a huge deal, and it’s one of the simplest things to buy.

Even better, once you’ve stuck to your routine and got a record of at least a few weeks, you could plot those achievements down in a graph or a table, and see just how far you’ve come!

3) Embrace the nerves and Just Do it!

If it’s your first time in the gym, you’re going to be nervous. And that’s OK! Any instructor will tell you there’s no need to panic – it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone starts somewhere, and big things have small beginnings. The important thing is that you’ve made the decision to start. So forget about whether your gym outfit looks good, forget about who’s going to be there, forget about it being your first time, and jump in head first!

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