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Today I swam 10 lengths and nearly died…


Today I swam 10 lengths and nearly died…

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Ok so I’ve realised I’m no Michael Phelps! for starters I wouldn’t dare wear a pair of Speedo’s (I’d prefer to keep them bits private if you know what I mean).

Anyhow I got in the sea today for an afternoon cardio session and I completely sucked balls. I nearly drowned about 5x as I swam up and down like some demonic nutter, slapping the surface in panic and gulping pints of salt water!

I’ve never been the best at swimming but then I never swim!

How can I expect to be good at something when I don’t practice? 

I see this all the time with people. People go into business and expect to have customers lining up at their door. People go to the gym for 4 weeks and expect to blitz all their fat! It ain’t gonna happen!

See results take time. Practice. Practice. Practice. Nothing glamorous, just sheer consistency – day in day out.

Anything in life truly worth having takes time. Once you’ve set your goal, get your head down and work hard until you make it happen. The bigger your goal the longer it’s going to take.

Here’s an equation I like to use: Clear objective + strategy + hard work = desired result 

Don’t expect miracles to happen over night. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and all that jazz!

Safe to say I’m probably not going to be representing GB at the next Olympics! but I’ve set myself a goal to improve my swimming when I get back to Sheffield.

Let’s see what happens…

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