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Top 4 Supplements For Bodybuilders…

Top 4 Supplements For Bodybuilders

A few weeks ago I was sent a package from bodybuilding.com which contained 4 of my favourite supplements. 

The 4 supplements were:

  1. Amino Boost
  2. Pre Workout
  3. Vitamin D3
  4. Fish Oil 

I asked for the above 4 supplements because they can be really beneficial when it comes to improving performance, and overall health. In this post i’m going to share my experience of the bodybuilding.com products and tell you why these are 4 of the best supplements to buy…

#1 Amino Boost

In order to build and maintain muscle (the ultimate aim with any bodybuilder!) it’s important to give the body protein and plenty of amino acids. This will aid recovery, and providing enough protein is consumed each day (ideally 2g of protein per kg) it will allow you to get bigger and stronger in the gym.

I tried the Amino Boost from bodybuilding.com and it was ok, i’ve yet to have an amino drink that tastes good, but it wasn’t bad and it was drinkable. I’d recommend using a scoop of this 30 minutes before working out, don’t mix it with much water and just get it down you!

#2 Pre Workout

The bodybuilding.com pre workout is absolutely fantastic! It’s a nice tasting drink (quite sour and sweet) but very pleasant, almost like drinking Skittles! Alongside the taste the effects of the pre workout are excellent, if you take it on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes before a session you’ll have an abundance of energy! Every time I take it I feel like a volcano waiting to erupt and lift some serious weights!

#3 Fish Oil 

This is something that I recommend taking both morning and evening. I always take a fish oil supplement upon waking and then also just before going to bed. I’m a big fan of this supplement because it’s good for the joints, and brain and it’s also very easy and cheap to add into your daily routine.

#4 Vitamin D

If you live in the UK you’re not going to be getting much Vitamin D, unless you have a holiday Villa in the South of France which you can pop over to each month?

If we’re lucky to get a decent summer we still don’t get enough exposure to sunlight. Add into the mix the fact that most people work 9-5 and we have a nation that’s massively deficient in one of the most important vitamins.

Vitamin D helps reduce chronic pain, depression, diabetes, heartdisease and osteoporosis – and that’s why Vitamin D is one of my top 4 supplements. Like the Fish Oil above I take 2 tablets per day, 1 in the morning, and 1 in the evening.

What’s your favourite supplement?

Please leave your comment below…

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