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Top 5 Essentials to Put in Your Gym Bag…

Top 5 Essentials to Put in Your Gym Bag

In order to get the best out of your workout it’s important to be organised both in and out of the gym. There’s more to training than just stretching your limbs and doing a quick 20 minute workout on the cross trainer!

It’s essential to get organised, and have a set training program to follow in the gym so that you get the results you want . Also, the night before your next workout – it’s good to get your gym bag ready – putting in all of your essentials so that you perform your very best.

In this post we’ll look at…

Top 5 Essentials to Put in Your Gym Bag 

what you need in your gym bag for a great workout

#1 Fit Bit/Smart Watch Fitness Tracking

It’s very important to track your workouts. You can do this by: looking at how many steps you’ve walked, monitoring your heart rate, and seeing how many calories you’ve burned. Using fitness trackers can be a great way to record data, and measure progress.

There are also lots of fitness apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone. The Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor is great, and so too is the Nike sensor which can be purchased and fits into your shoe – it sends results and feedback to the Nike app via your phone.

#2 Air Pods

Listening to music whilst working out can give you a major boost in both strength and stamina. Air Pods headphones are small, stylish and convenient – a great addition to your workout. Not only do they look cool, BUT they also don’t get caught on any machines (because they are wireless!). As an added bonus the battery also lasts for ages – you can get plenty of workouts in before needing to fully charge them.

#3 Foam Roller

Packing a foam roller in your gym bag is super important – especially if you do lots of weight training. Foam rolling before and after training will prevent injury, reduce muscle soreness, and improve overall workout performance. The best foam rollers to buy are from TriggerPoint – get the small roller so that it fits neatly into your gym bag.

#4 Gloves

If you want to protect your hands from getting calluses then it’s worth while picking up some gloves. When you do lots of weight training with dumbbells and barbells it’s easy for your hands to get sore. Having gloves will prevent this. Gloves will also help you with your grip – compared to wearing no gloves which makes gripping things much harder, especially if you are sweating – it’s easy for the dumbbells and bar to slip.

#5 CBD Infused Balms and Sprays

After a tough workout you are likely to be sore for a couple of days afterwards – this is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Using some for of CBD infused spray can help muscles recover more quickly – these oils are highly effective and have become a popular trend in the health and fitness industry. Don’t worry though, don’t confuse CBD sprays or oils with illegal marijuana, or Cannabis edibles – they are very different things. In the UK CBD products are legal – you can buy them online, so don’t worry!