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Top fitness tips for budding footballers…

Top fitness tips for budding footballers...

If you’re a budding footballer and aspire to reach even half-decent level of fitness that top-rated footballers enjoy, it’s very important that you start improving your stamina.

An average professional football player covers more than 10 km of distance in any 90 minute match. Nowadays, it isn’t just about increasing one’s lung capacity; the game’s demands have increased so much that you cannot do without being powerful, bigger and explosive on the field.

With the FIFA World Cup 2018 around the corner, the best football players from different parts of the world are set to impress us with their skills with the ball. However, people don’t realise how much effort it takes for these footballers to master such skills.

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Let’s now take you through some of the top fitness tips for all the budding footballers.


Being quick on the field is an absolute necessity when it comes to football. In fact, it’s the most obvious quality that any football player expected to have. Hence you should do everything within your means to increase your playing and running speed. The best way to increase your running speed is by doing plenty of sprinting and running each day. Set a timeline and run for a minimum of 90 minutes at a stretch on a daily basis. Here are 9 all-in-one running tips for beginners.

Leg workout

Legs are the most important tool for any football player, and hence you must perform relevant exercises that keep your lower body in top shape at all times. Working regularly on your thigh and calf muscles would provide your leg with plenty of strength and good shape.

Ab workout

There is no way that you can be quick on the field and run so much if you have fat deposits on your waist. Hence, you must get rid of all such excessive fat and develop a rock hard abdomen for yourself. Of all the workouts that are relevant for football players, ab workout is the most difficult, yet most important.

Build stamina

Any fitness routines followed by football players are essentially for the purpose of developing a body that can sustain long playing sessions on the field. You cannot call yourself a good football player if you’re all huffing and puffing after just one lap of the field. Hence, building stamina by doing all kinds of exercises including swimming, cycling and running is essential for every budding football player. Here are some beginner tasks for building stamina.

Upper body strength

One of the best ways to develop upper body strength is by working out with barbells and doing some basic upper body exercises with them. You must to chin-ups, rowing, shoulder press, bench press, clean and press with barbells.