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Tunnel Vision : Getting Your Priorities Straight & Building The Life You Want…

Tunnel Vision : Getting Your Priorities Straight & Building The Life You Want...

Everything you do in life has a PRO and CON to it…

Maybe you’re a successful businessman but don’t spend much time with your family because you work too much.

Maybe you’re in great shape, have a 6 pack and look fantastic but you don’t go out much because you have a super disciplined eating/training regime.

Maybe you’re a fantastic parent, who devotes most of your life to your kids, but as a consequence you neglect your own career and personal development…

The more focused you are on something the more you are going to get good at it and vice versa… the more you neglect something the worse you’ll get at it.

Are you happy with your life and the choices you are making? 


Something that’s really helped me out recently is NARROWING MY FOCUS.

In the past I would try to do everything, I’d cram so much into my day, and although i’d make progress… I was all over the show, taking on too many things at once and never really excelling at anything (Jack of all trades…Master of none!) 

BUT then I figured out what’s important to me in life and narrowed it down to 4 things…

#1 Friends and Family – spending time with my wife, son, friends and family are hugely important to me. I love them and i’m the happiest when i’m with the people that I care about the most.

#2 Business – Working hard to grow LEP Fitness, helping others, and enjoying my work.

#3 Self Development – to learn something new everyday. To read, write, reflect, listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Invest in coaches, and always try to improve my skills, knowledge and who I am as a person

#4 Financial Freedom – working hard to provide for my family, by saving, investing in stocks and shares, properties, and growing my business. This is to provide opportunities for my son, to travel around the world, and to have nice experiences with my loved ones. 

Everything in my life is focused on the above 4 things. This means that I have a crystal clear vision and know what areas I need to work on each day. 

BUT I also understand that by pursuing the above I’ll…

  • Never be the best cook in the world!
  • Never be good at DIY!
  • Never be good at boxing!

I’m just making stuff up, there are millions of things that i’ll never be good at! BUT…That’s ok I accept the choices that I make, and I’m fully aware of the PROS and CONS. 

I’m also aware that at times my goals conflict each other i.e. i can’t work on my business, go to the gym and play with my son all at the same time! BUT I can allocate time to each and try to balance things out. This makes life easier and I don’t feel as guilty or torn between tasks because I plan each into my weekly schedule. 

What Are You Willing To Do To Achieve Your Goals? 

Before diving into your goals, think about what you are willing to sacrifice and what you aren’t…

For example to get in good shape means that you have to eat well and train hard…

  • Are you prepared to go to the gym 4-6x per week and spend time away from your family by going to the gym for 1hr each time? 
  • Are you preppared to wake up early so you can train before work? or miss family meal time because you train in the evening?
  • Are you ready to start eating healthier foods and saying NO more often to treats like chocolate and a glass of wine? 

These are just a few examples of sacrficies that you may have to make to turn your goal into a reality.

There will be things that you are happy to do and things that you aren’t – weigh up whether it’s worth pursuing your goal or not? Are you preppared to put in the necessary work and make sacrifices?

There’s nothing wrong with what you decide as long as you are happy and manage your expectations.

Recognise that you have a choice as to what you spend your time on. 

Don’t say YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME, TALENT or MONEY. Those things aren’t true, and anyway you can work on/improve all of them. if you want something you’ll make it happen.  

So what do you want from life? 

Create a Vision. Set Goals. Get your Priorities Straight, and understand what you must sacrifice in order to achieve what you want…



Thanks for reading,

Nick 🙂