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Using social media to promote yourself as a personal trainer…

Using social media to promote yourself as a personal trainer...

Being a personal trainer implies a lot of dedication and inspiring a lot of trust. As a personal trainer, you are responsible for the people that put their faith in you, and that means a lot.

Getting people to sign up for personal training can be harder than you think, and if you have already started in this line of work, you probably know what we mean. With that said, it’s imperative that you use social media to your advantage, to garner attention towards yourself and your business.

If you’re not at that phase in your journey yet, and you’re still looking to get your training before opening shop, find out how to start your career here.

Why is social media needed?

Ever since the dawn of marketing, putting your name out there has been more or less expensive. As someone trying to start out in a line of work they have no prior accomplishments in, it can be tough to get people to listen to what you have to say.

That is still the case today, but today’s eager entrepreneurs have the advantage of social media. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of using social media to promote yourself and your business:

  •    It’s relatively free, since you can advertise yourself without paying any money aside for things like Facebook Ads if you want to go the extra mile
  •    It opens up endless promotion possibilities since you have a direct channel to the entire world and you can reach any demographic you want with just a few clicks
  •    Social media is extremely easy to maintain, and the benefits are substantial, as you can end up with huge followings on popular platforms

How to use social media effectively?

Right from the start, you should know that the kind of advertising you do on social media isn’t the kind that sounds like “Hire me as a personal trainer for this much money.” It’s more about getting your name out and establishing an online foothold. Having a presence is more valuable than any other exploit social media can promise.

Of course, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t have information about your ongoing rates and whatnot, it’s just that those are better left for your Facebook page. The marketing you want to be pushing are posts of a wide variety that aim to get people interested. When they care enough about you, they will navigate to your Facebook page on their own.

It’s all about the people, so invest time and resources in groups

Get yourself into specialty groups about fitness and training. Make yourself known within communities of athletes, bodybuilders, or just people sharing tips about staying shape. Sharing your knowledge on the matter will quickly boost you through the community ranks, and soon enough you’ll be the person that everyone asks for advice. One thing leads to another, and you get countless hits per day on your main page, which leads people to your now booming business.

Of course, this is a highly summarised version of what marketing on social media looks like, but it does its job of giving you an idea of what to expect. Social media is a free resource and not using it would be detrimental to your chances of success.

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