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WARNING! This is a Deep Post…

lep fitness - sheffield personal trainer - WARNING! This is a Deep Post - thoughts and feelings

Do you know that we have thousands of thoughts each day?

Studies estimate that each individual has between 50-70,000 different thoughts per day (1).

Some thoughts which we are aware of (consciousness) others we are not (subconsciousness).

That’s a crazehhhh number of thoughts right?

And you know what….

A large percentage (reported to be upto 80% in some people) are either negative or thoughts of anticipation (often worrying about the future, the what ifs, the worst case scenario, etc).

Thoughts are useful. Our minds are ‘super’ powerful and thoughts can protect us from danger, give us insight, motivation and make-way for new discoveries.

On the flip side they can HIJACK us, make us depressed, make us not act, make us fearful, make us turn to mind numbing substance abuse, and a whole host of other unpleasantries.

Don’t feel guilty for your thoughts! You cannot control them. They will happen.

If you are worried embrace the worry.

If you are scared embrace being scared.

If you are fearful feel the fear.

Don’t try and block them out and don’t try to escape from reality by using substances, food or mind numbing scrolling through FB, and social media feeds! Listen to what your mind is telling you and accept your thoughts for what they are…just thoughts!

Coping with Unpleasant Thoughts & Feelings…

Here’s 4 tips to try next time your going through an emotional weather storm:

1) Write down your thoughts in a private journal. Write purely from the heart.

2) Have a private conversations with yourself. Why i’m i feeling like this? what’s the real reason I feel this way? (sift through all the BS! be honest), how can i get over this? etc.

3) Put things into perspective on a scale of 1-10 (1 being minor, 10 being major) how significant is this in the grand scheme of things? if you were on your deathbed right now would you be that bothered by this thought?

4) Write down everything you are worried about happening: i think i may lose my job, my partner is going to leave me, i bet everyone laughs at me when I’m doing my presentation, etc. I can guarantee that once you return (after the event) most of your worries will never come to fruition. It’s all in the fr*ckin mind!

Accept your thoughts… they are just thoughts at the end of the day.

You have the power to change and tackle anything that life throws at you.

From an honest chap, who just wants to become a better version of himself and help others along the way.

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