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What Does A Perfect Week Look Like For A Personal Trainer?

What Does A Perfect Week Look Like For A Personal Trainer?

In this post I’d like to describe what a perfect week looks like for a personal trainer. This is just my opinion, BUT it’s something which has worked extremely well for me, making me happy, and successful in my own PT career with LEP Fitness – my personal training business which I started back in 2012.

So, without further ado…

What Does A Perfect Week Look Like For A Personal Trainer?

Becoming A Successful Personal Trainer by LEP Fitness

1. 25-30 sessions per week

I’ve talked about this in many of my blogs for personal trainers – but just to quickly repeat… I believe 25-30 sessions per week to be ideal for most personal trainers. Any more than 30 personal training sessions, and I believe the quality declines, if not immediately, it will do over time.

Top quality personal trainers not only have to spend time taking sessions, but there’s also lots of other time involved: planning sessions, designing custom meal plans, extra workout regimes for clients to follow, content creation, travel, and many other things which all require time.

Therefore 25-30 sessions per week is perfect in most cases. If you add in the sessions, and all of the paper work, custom client plans, travel, etc… then you’re looking at an overall weekly work schedule of around 40-50hrs per week.

On the flip side, and pointing out the obvious, anything less than 20 sessions per week (especially 15) and it may be difficult to survive, although it depends on how much you charge. This may still work for lots of personal trainers, especially those who have other trainers working for them, or who prefer to do PT part time, and spend more time at home with their family.

2. 5-10 new enquiries per week

Every personal training business (and every business for that matter!) lives and dies by the number of sales it makes. It’s absolutely crucial to get a constant stream of new leads and enquires, ones which you can rely on when clients finish their package, and when clients don’t renew their sessions.

The likelihood is, that if you’re a fully booked up personal trainer, you won’t need that many leads, however it’s always good to get too many, rather than not enough!

Also, if you are receiving more enquiries than you can handle, it puts you in a great position to increase your prices, or to expand your personal training business i.e. by hiring other personal trainers and taking a commission from each extra sale.

3. 2-3 hours of content creation per week

Content is key, with most people going online in some shape or form every single day i.e. social media, Google, Youtube, etc. I believe that personal trainers should be spending 2-3 hrs each week producing new content. Whether that’s adding content to a fitness blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc etc! Creating good quality content will help you engage with your audience, build a fan base, and ultimately lead to more sales for your business.

4. 30-60 mins of personal development each day

One of my favourite sayings is “Your business grows as you grow” – meaning that as you invest in yourself, and your knowledge expands, you are able to offer more value to people, and therefore build a bigger, stronger business.

There are lots of ways to invest in your own personal development each day, but my favourites are: books (reading business books, and self development books – message me for some great book recommendations).

Other great ways to work on your personal development are: podcasts – check out my 5 recommended podcasts for personal trainers post, audiobooks, and attending courses to improve your coaching skills and business knowledge.

5. 2-3 hrs per week on a new project that excites you

This is another really important area… ‘creativity’… and doing a project which really inspires you. It’s very easy to get stuck in the day to day of running a personal training business, and to get stuck in the daily grind….

Lots of personal trainers do their sessions, go home, BUT then are too tired, or too uninspired to do anything else when they arrive home, other than watching TV and scrolling on social media all evening!

Instead, start working on a project that really gets you going. For me, I love writing, so as well as writing for my fitness blog, I will also spend 2-3 hrs per week adding content to my latest ebook. For example I’ve written The 28 Day Keto Challenge – a fat loss ebook.

I’ve also written The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Personal Training Business – a book to help personal trainers build an amazing business. In the book I cover everything from: cancellation policies (saving you thousands each year in missed appointments), SEO, perfecting your website, uniform, book recommendations, tips on delivering a 5 star service, consultations, apps to use, how to expand, earn more money, and tons more! – the book is 85 pages and is well worth checking out, especially if you’re a highly driven personal trainer.

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fitness writer and personal trainer who works in Sheffield | Nick Screeton | owner of LEP Fitness

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