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What I Learned From 2 Pairs Of iPod Headphones! Yeah I know….WTF!?!?!


How can you learn from a pair of headphones? lol 

What I Learned From 2 Pairs Of iPod Headphones! Yeah I know….WTF!?!?!

I admit the title of this post… is…well… a little strange.

What the heck are you on about Nick?

Bare with me though as there’s a real meaning behind this story and I’m confident you can take something away from it…

As I woke up the other day (still half asleep!), I downed a coffee and protein shake, took a warm shower and then got wrapped up ready for my walk to the gym (freezing el Autumn!). I grabbed my iPod headphones, and then listened to my audiobook as I left the house…

After 1 minute of walking…

The right headphone started crackling like bubble wrap! Oh no not this again.

Twin Headphones…

I have two pairs of headphones which are exactly the same, one pair works perfectly, the other… are temperamental and faulty! I store both the headphones in the same place, on the kitchen work top.

Now If I had a pound for every time i’ve put the dodgy ones in i’d have more money than Richard Branson (slight exaggeration, but it’s happened a lot!)

On so many occasions i’ve left the house in a morning and had to turn back to get the right ones! What a blooming nuisance!

The funny thing is i’ve been doing this for months now! I’m a complete numpty I know!

Why would I not just bin the rubbish ones or move them to a different place to save myself the unnecessary headaches?

It sounds so silly when I think about it.

The reality is that so many of us know what we need to do in life but we fail to do it…

  • We know we need to exercise more
  • We know we need to eat healthier foods

The list goes on…

But so many of us do the same things everyday. As the saying goes…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”

So many of us go through our day on autopilot: brushing our teeth in the morning, the drive to work, etc. We react to situations and do things based on the habits we’ve formed over time.

From my experience it can take anything from 30 days to 12 months to form an automated habit. The longer and more frequently you do something the more it becomes routine.

Take a moment to reflect on the habits you currently have, and the one’s which are holding you back. Pick 1-2 that you want to improve and make some good sh*t happen.

A Strategy to Form Positive Habits…

If you want to change something, and this goes for anything in life…

  1. You’ve got to be aware of what you’re doing i.e. the habit you want to change
  2. You’ve got to make a conscious decision to change it
  3. You’ve got to take action to rewire your habit
  4. You’ve got to be consistent – day-in-day-out

Here’s a toast to your new positive habits!

owner of LEP Fitness and sheffield personal trainer

Nick 😉