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What I learned from a 4 year old kid on holiday….


What I learned from a 4 year old kid on holiday….


I sat comfortably on my sun lounger, it was 30 degrees, beads of sweat pouring down my face, sun cream dripping into my eyes making them itchy and sore. I was listening to a London Real podcast (Ken Livingstone one)…

As I looked up into the pool and saw happy families playing, I noticed one kid playing with a boat and 4 little Mickey Mouse characters.

He was trying to get the toys to stand up on the boat without them falling over.

Time after time they fell. Then he’d go again. And again. And again. He must have tried 50-60x never losing faith or giving up.

Finally he did it. As the upright toys drifted into the pool I thought about the concept of perseverance.

How many of us would have persisted that long?

I know I’d have probably given up after 4 or 5 goes!

This youngster reminded me of the art of persistence. That if you continue to work hard, try new strategies and most importantly never give up…

You will likely make it.

Kids don’t stop and neither should we.

There are lessons to be learned from everyone. Today those lessons came from someone 23 years younger.

From Sorrento with love,