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What I learned from an Inconspicuous Bath Plug!


Sounds kind of crazy right? 

What I learned from an Inconspicuous Bath Plug - metaphor by LEP Fitness, a sheffield personal training company founded by Nick Screeton in 2012

How can you learn from a rusty old bath plug?

Well to cut a long story short, the chain from our bath plug snapped a few months back and we haven’t replaced it. Call it laziness! but it’s not been fixed!!

It’s one of those house hold chore thingyyy mabobs that’s on the list, and needs to be done, but can wait another week, or two or 10…. therefore it never happens!

Feel free to laugh at my expense but at the moment we (me and Sally!) use pliers, latch them onto the plug and yank it out (yes we actually have a pair of pliers in our bathroom – apparently it’s the new thing! said no one ever…)

Anyhow now that i’ve embarrassingly admitted this to you…

The other day I took a warm bath, to help me relax (worked rather well) after a busy day with the LEP Tribe. My skin absorbed an abundance of magnesium salts and the Radox Muscle Soak worked it’s magic. This feeling of bliss however was short lived…

I couldn’t pull the blooming plug out! (personification: it refused to move from it’s home!), I attempted to remove this little piece of rust for around 10 minutes… but to no avail. I no longer felt relaxed!

I got frustrated and gave up.

The next morning, I dipped my hand in the manky, cold water and tried again…gave up for the 2nd time after 5 minutes!

That was it, time to throw in the towel! This would now be a permanent feature in the house, a cold swimming pool – I’d just have to accept it, and pray the water evaporated!  I felt like ‘Scrat’ from Ice Age chasing his prized acorn…

ice age anology using Scrat - metaphor for never giving up - written by fitness blogger nick screeton who is the owner and found of LEP Fitness, a sheffield personal trainer born in Manchester

It’s just not going to happen Nick!

The 3rd attempt came the next evening (24 hrs later!), when I decided enough was enough! This little nuisance would not get the better of me. Picture a dentist in a chair yanking out a tooth (foot on the chair and everything)…. well that was me but in a bath tub!

I thought it would be a good idea to put one foot in the bath to gain some pulling leverage, genius idea, until I unexpectedly slipped, ending up dunking half my body in water!

After drying myself off (and potentially releasing a few swear words!) I continued my attempt for what seemed like an eternity…

Finally I pulled this little **insert swearword** out of it’s place.


Oh and i’ve finally got round to buying a new plug (could have saved myself a few headaches had I done this a few weeks ago! Oh well you live and you learn…)

Moral of the story…

This story is a metaphor for never giving up. Although seemingly insignificant it’s an example of patience and persistence, two essential qualities needed for success.

I genuinely believe that one of the reasons that successful people become successful is their ability to keep going and never give up.

I also believe that successful people embrace obstacles, and have an acceptance for there arrival.  It’s inevitable that they will appear, and they deal with it. They change perspective of the situation… it’s not an obstacle but a puzzle which can be solved.

No matter who you are there will be challenges that lie in your way. Have you got what it takes to ride out the storm? overcome adversity, set backs, rejections? Do you give up at the first sign of trouble or do you adapt, persist, and look for ways of achieving your desired outcome?

If you want something badly enough, keep persisting, continue to look for ways to make it a reality, develop a growth mindset, ask yourself empowering questions: how can I make this happen? and most importantly if you truly want it… Never Ever Give Up!

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