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What I Learned From My 5 Favourite Books…


I Never Used to Read…

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Actually that’s not true I did! I read 5 Goosebumps books, but that’s about it.

It was only really 6 years ago that I decided to pick up reading and it’s now my 2nd favourite hobby (of course after weight training!). Over the 6 years I’ve averaged around 30 books per year, many have transformed my life, others are barely memorable.

In this post I’d like to share with you My Favourite 5 books and what I learned from each of them…

1) How To Win Friends & Influence People 

how to win friends and influence people - recommended book by Nick screeton - owner of LEP Fitness (sheffield)

The fabulous book by Dale Carnegie taught me about the importance of communicating with others. It can be a self obsessed world at times, our number one topic is about ourself, the whole world revolves around us!

This book looks at things from a different angle, it’s about other people. How can I help them, what can I give to them, can I share some knowledge, or buy them a coffee, what interesting questions can  ask to find out more about them. It’s about showing a genuine interest in others and seeing things from the other persons point of view rather than yours.  When you help others, and listen it’s more than likely that most will reciprocate the favour, showing more interest in you and helping in return. Whenever I’m with the LEP Tribe I try and ask empowering questions, thanks to this book, questions like:

  • What’s been the best part of your day?
  • What are you next looking forward to?
  • Tell me one thing that your grateful for today?

The book has given me the essential tools, which i’ve applied to everyday life, consequently I’ve met some very interesting people, grown my personal training business and even made some new life long friends!

Pick up your own copy of How To Win Friends and Influence People 

2) Chimp Paradox 

The Chimp Paradox - best self help book - recommended by Sheffield personal trainer Nick Screeton

Game Changer. I’ve read this book by Dr Steve Peters numerous times over the past couple of years. It’s changed my life and not a day goes by where I don’t apply the information in the book. Like a computer program it’s ingrained into my personality and i’m grateful to the young chap at the post office who recommended it to me! Rather than writing about what I learned I thought i’d post a video:

Pick up your own copy of the Chimp Paradox

3) Mindset : How You Can Fulfil Your Potential 

Mindset - Carol Dweck - recommended by sheffield personal trainers nick screeton - lep fitness

The Growth Mindset! Another one of my favourite books written by world-renowned psychologist Carol Dweck. It’s a book based on decades of research of achievement and success. There are 2 forms of mindset, the ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’. A person with a fixed mindset eliminates the possibility of alternatives for example: I can’t lose weight, i’m naturally fat. A person with a growth mindset asks empowering questions such as: how can I make this happen? what can I do to lose fat? It sounds simple but the concept is beautiful.

We all have the power to change our current situation, by exploring what we can do instead of what we can’t we make way for change. Of course I can only scratch the surface in this post, but the entire book delves deep into examples of how you can cultivate a growth mindset that will help you ‘grow’ (pardon the pun!) and develop in any area of your life. It’s a must read for anyone looking to be a better version of themselves.

Pick up your own copy of Mindset : How You Can Fulfil Your Potential

4) Who Moved My Cheese


My Father introduced this book to me 5 years ago. I wasn’t long into my new found hobby of reading and to be honest what enticed me was the shortness of the book (it’s less than 100 pages!). I knew I could read it in a couple of hours, so I did. It was brilliant. I recently re-read it in the summer when on holiday in Lake Como and it’s now in my Top 5 Favourite Books.

“Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you deal with it” and that’s what this book is basically about…

The short fable uses mice and cheese as metaphors for being able to succeed and continuously adapt throughout life. Basically we either drift down a stream, dependant on the current or we take charge of our own destinies. Who Moved My Cheese is a wonderful entwining story exploring two polar opposites: mice who adapt and prosper and mice who don’t! Who do you think comes out better?

Awesomely inspiring book which is incredibly easy to read! Pick up your copy of Who Moved My Cheese

5) Think & Grow Rich 

Think and grow Rich - book review - lep fitness

“What the mind can conceive and believe the body can achieve”

This book has helped me grow exponentially in both my personal and business life! Arguably the most popular self development book on the market. Written by Napoleon Hill it’s about the positive effects of the Law of Attraction. This means consciously deciding what you want, which increases awareness, and encourages you to take action towards your goal(s). This intern increases the likelihood of what you want to happen actually happening. In other words if you constantly ‘Think it’, it will happen. The book shares invaluable insights and draws from examples of successful people who’ve used these concepts.

Pick up your copy of Think & Grow Rich 

I hope you enjoyed my book recommendations! I’d love to hear what books have helped you? so I can add them into my Amazon wish list and pick them up at the end of the month! Please share your books below and feel free to ask any questions you may have, if I can i’d love to help.

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