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What Is CBD: The Science-Backed Fitness Benefits

What Is CBD: The Science-Backed Fitness Benefits

CBD is a chemical that is produced by a hemp plant. Yes, this is the same plant that produces THC which is usually known as marihuana. CBD though does not contain the psychoactive elements that are responsible for giving people the “high” effect when using marihuana in any form.  

In the past couple of months, superstar athletes such as Rob Gronkowski, a former American football player, and former NBA star Paul Pierce, amongst others, have started collaborating with CBD companies. What exactly are athletes looking for in CBD? There are many reasons why former professional athletes are flocking to CBD stores. These are the same reasons why even amateur athletes could be looking at CBD as a possible alternative to other types of treatments that could complement their workouts!

Using It As a Pain Reliever       

Most former athletes that claim to use CBD are using it to help them deal with chronic pain. There have been studies that prove the use of CBD can help with conditions as severe as arthritis. There are specific medications such as the spray called Sativex that is a combination of CBD and THC. It can be used to help patients suffering from sclerosis. It has also been used to treat less severe conditions. As a life, long athlete professional or not dealing with chronic pain can become a persistent issue. The use of CBD can help reduce pain. 

Faster Recovery Times     

Another common claim that athletes make is that the use of CBD allows them to recover a lot faster. Are there any studies that could back athletic recovery via CBD? Well, the NIH has given out 9 new research grants to conduct studies that could effectively prove CBD can be used for anti-inflammatory purposes. It would not be farfetched to think that pretty soon the world will know whether or not CBD can effectively be used to make recovery times faster for athletes. Although, as was mentioned, there are many former and current athletes that claim CBD can effectively provide faster recovery times. 

The Problem With CBD & Professional Sports   

There is one key factor that is potentially derailing studies that can validate the use of CBD by high-performance athletes. The main issue is that CBD products across the world are not properly regulated. The fear is that you could find higher traces of THC in your CBD than the actual legal limit. Since most sports leagues have a very strict anti-doping policy that includes THC as a banned substance most athletes are not going to be willing to put their careers on the line to use CBD. 

As a professional athlete, you would have to obtain CBD directly from a manufacturer that you can fully trust. Even there it is a high risk that most people are not willing to take.  These regulations though are the reason why people mostly hear former professional athletes raving about the benefits that they obtain from CBD. They are not limited by any doping agency as far as what they can or cannot intake. 

Is CBD Banned Because It Would Help Athletes Improve Their Performance?    

At this point in time, there probably is not enough evidence available to make a claim that CBD would provide athletes with a competitive advantage to the point where it would have to be banned from competitions. Most of the evidence tends to point towards the fact that CBD can help speed recovery times and reduce the intensity of pain that is generated by sporting activities. Which, is pretty much the same effects that athletes could obtain from multiple over the counter drugs. Such as ibuprofen or Naproxen. 

The danger with a lot of these drugs that are actually available for athletes today is that they tend to be highly addictive. Especially when people take large doses of these medications on a daily basis. Which, is not something that is uncommon for athletes to do when they are dealing with a form of chronic pain.     

As An Amateur Athlete CBD Could Potentially Be A Great Ally 

From what is known CBD has some very minor potential side effects. These can include fatigue diarrhea and dizziness. Yet, CBD has not been known to cause addiction as other pain killers have. It has also not been known to cause other types of long-term side effects. With that said, as an amateur athlete that is not limited by a doping agency the use of CBD can really help improve their overall fitness experience. 

Potentially you could be obtaining a method to relieve pain without having to intake a large number of pills. Recovery times from injuries and even just normal workouts could speed up. Just on that basis alone, it would seem like a method that would be worth trying. Plus, CBD can be delivered straight to your door. If you want to try CBD look for contact delivery methods and get it today!