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What Is SARM? Everything You Need to Know

What Is SARM? Everything You Need to Know

If you are into fitness, body-building, and supplements, you have probably already heard about SARMs, either because of other people praising their fantastic effects or a heated discussion about the potential risks connected to taking them.

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are growing in popularity as an alternative to steroids. They can be highly beneficial if taken appropriately, but before you start searching for the best place to buy SARMs, you should learn a few things about them. Only then can you be sure that you will actually help yourself and eliminate the health risks.

So, what exactly is SARM? Are SARMs steroids? A dietary supplement? How can they benefit you and your training? Can they really be dangerous? What are their side effects? Keep reading to find out!

What Are SARMs and What Do They Do?

SARMs may sound similar to anabolic steroids, but they are not all the same. In short, both these compounds bind to your androgen receptors and trigger muscle growth. However, while steroids can affect other organs and parts of your body and lead to some significant short and long term effects (breast development, acne, enlarged prostate or shrinking of the testicles in men, and acne, excess body hair growth, increased clitoral size in women), SARMs are able to influence your muscles directly and reduce the risk of side effects. They are also much easier to take – all you get is a pill instead of an injection.

The discovery of SARMs was purely accidental – it started with identifying the molecule andarine that occurred during the development of treatment for prostate cancer in the 1990s. James T. Dalton, the professor conducting this study, quickly noticed andarine’s remarkable ability to support muscle growth. He was also the one to develop ostarine, a more refined version of andarine. Clinical trials showed that SARMs could be highly helpful in building lean mass and muscle strength, but since they were of no use to cancer patients, the study was quickly halted.

Potential Benefits of Taking SARM Products

As we have already mentioned, the exact benefits of the use of SARMs are yet to be confirmed, but most fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who take them report the following results:

  • gained strength,
  • lean muscle growth,
  • increased bone density,
  • shred body fat,
  • faster muscle healing,
  • improved joint health,
  • and many more.

Additionally, SARMs are harder to detect during drug tests, which, combined with fewer side effects, make them a better option for athletes.

So, What’s the Catch?

Despite their many advantages, SARMs still haven’t been approved for human consumption. It is not illegal everywhere to buy them, but they are usually sold as “research chemicals” rather than dietary supplements or medicines, as they need to be labeled “not for consumption.”

In fact, the director of the Office of Compliance in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warned customers against body-building products and some of their ingredients. The FDA claims that “SARMs were associated with serious safety concerns, including the increased risk of a heart attack, strokes and life-threatening reactions such as liver damage.”

However, the notion has scarcely been discussed outside the USA, which may make some people think. There are those who speak out loudly against using SARMs, but most scientists and officials are only watching closely.

Are There Any Actual Side Effects of SARMs?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough research conducted to confirm whether SARMs are 100% safe or not. There are many stories circulating around the web about SARMs products and the increased risk of developing different conditions, but they are impossible to verify.

While most people who decided to take SARMs confirm muscle growth and gained strength. However, some of them reported struggles with blood pressure, rashes, worsened eyesight, or impotence. Especially andarine is reportedly giving people’s vision green or yellow tinges.

But it’s impossible to say whether SARMs can have these side effects on everyone, or maybe they should be excluded in only particular cases.

Stay Cautious and Reasonable

SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, have not yet been confirmed to be harmless. Potentially, they promise an excellent alternative to steroids that normally come with a long list of side effects. However, you should do your research to be sure that you’re buying high-quality products – sadly, many companies try to use the popularity of SARMs by developing pills that have nothing to do with the actual compounds.

Hopefully, there will be more tests done in the nearest future to allow broader and safer distribution of products containing SARMs. Meanwhile, you should be aware of the health concerns, be moderate and reasonable. Whether you’re taking SARMs, steroids, or supplements, be sure to stay in contact with your doctor. Have blood tests done regularly and learn to listen to your body – don’t ignore even the tiniest signs that something may not be right. Don’t get extremely concerned over every little ailment, but put your health and well-being above everything else. Always.