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What’s Holding Back Your Fitness Plans?

What's Holding Back Your Fitness Plans?

Like anyone working towards a healthier body and lifestyle, you’ll know that there’s countless good excuses to avoid going to the gym, or to slack off when you’re there. Even if you can get past the self-discipline issue, many people will find they’re not making the progress they should be. If this sounds all too familiar, here are some of the common issues that could be holding back your fitness…

Poor Time Management 

No matter who you are, life has it’s fair share of pressures. Being a parent, your career, your partner and friends, and important personal projects can all put a massive strain on your time. Yes, there are more important things in life then getting the body of an ancient Greek statue! but if you’re serious about fitness, you need to work on your time management. Early on, every day, think about what you’re working towards over the long-term, set yourself a goal that you want to accomplish, and then take steps to make sure you have enough free time to achieve it in.

Too Much Reading, Not Enough Sweating!

These days, it seems like everyone’s taking an active interest in their health, and unfortunately, this has made everyone an expert. You can’t spend long browsing the internet these days without coming across an article on a workout routine that can’t fail, the diet that will get shed body fat like no other, or tips on getting rid of moobs. While a lot of this material can certainly be helpful, you need to make sure it’s not eating too much into precious exercise time. If you know that you’re guilty of this particular fitness sin, stop reading this post and get yourself to the gym!

You’re Not Sticking to the Plan

Most people working on their fitness will buy into some pre-set healthy living plan that’s helped people in the past. However, if you’re not following this plan down to a tee, it can really take the momentum out of the whole plan. If you’re doing the workouts, but not following up with the right nutrition, or you’re eating well, but slacking off on the workouts, then you’re failing! Sure, you may be seeing some kind of progress, but this will pale in comparison to what you could be accomplishing. Respect the plan and respect yourself by following it all exactly as it’s prescribed.

You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Sleep isn’t really something that a lot of people tend to incorporate in their fitness plan, but it can have a massive impact on how successful or not your work towards a healthier body turns out to be. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not going to have enough energy – mental or physical, to get through the day and hit those fitness quotas you’ve set for yourself. Yes, we’ve all got things to do, but if you’re serious about fitness, this is part of the package! Make sure you’re aiming for at least seven hours a night.