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What’s the best protein bar? 

What’s the best protein bar

It can be difficult getting in your daily protein target with out supplementing your real food (chicken, eggs, steak, etc) with the likes of protein bars and shakes!

Protein bars are a great way to increase your overall protein consumption for the day. Alongside the added protein, lots of protein bars taste absolutely delicious, in fact the one’s i’m going to recommend in this post taste like chocolate bars (yum!)  

Protein bars are great because they feel like a treat but can quite easily fit into your overall calories for the day, whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight…Protein bars can be a great addition to your daily food.

The Top 3 Protein Bars

#1 Grenade Carb Killa

Hands down the best protein bar (in my opinion!) they taste frickin awesome, there’s a bunch of delicious flavours to choose from: Fudge Brownie, Birthday Cake, White Chocolate Cookie, Cookies and Cream, Jaffa Quake, and much more! 

They all taste scrumptious and they contain over 23g of protein per bar (that’s the equivalent of a chicken breast!) and only 1.5g of sugar. 

#2 PHD Pharma Whey Protein Bar

Probably my second favourite protein bar on the market. They come with a whopping 30g of protein per bar. 

I love the chocolate peanut butter ones, but they also do a cookies and cream flavour which is nice, and a double chocolate flavour (a bit too sweat for me though!). 

Like most protein bars they’re not cheap, you can buy a box of 12 for around £18 (£1.50 per bar) but they are a good, and a tasty meal replacement and can actually work out cheaper and more convenient than buying/eating meat.

#3 Optimum Nutrition Whipped Bites

If you’ve read my other supplement blogs you’ll notice that I really rate the company Optimum Nutrition, they are hands down the best supplement company (and NO they haven’t paid me to say this…or sent me £200 of free supplements in exchange for a blog!). 

Their protein bites are a lovely treat and contain 20g of protein per serving. One of my favourite meals of the week is my post workout meal, where i’ll melt a protein bite in the microwave (20s) and then serve it with 50g dairy free ice cream! It’s like a healthy dessert!

When to use protein bars? 

Nothing can replace good quality real food, things like chicken, turkey, eggs, mince, steak, vegetables, fruit, etc but that said in this day and age convenience does play a huge role in many of our busy lives. 

I believe protein bars are best used as a snack throughout the day, let’s say in the afternoon when your blood sugar levels dip. Like I mentioned earlier they’re also great to have post workout, I like to have a protein bar and protein shake straight after working out. 

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