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When I Fell Out of Love With Working Out…


I just didn’t want to train anymore…

owner of LEP Fitness Nickeh Screetoni - When I Fell Out of Love With Working Out...

Around this time last year I completely lost my training mojo, to be frank I didn’t want to workout anymore. The gym was becoming a massive chore, the motivation to get out of bed at 6am was no longer there. When I did drag my backside to the gym it felt like an eternity, every second feeling like an hr. I’d sit down hunched over in between sets and think to myself… “what’s the point in all this?”.

I fell out of love with training because I lost touch with what got me into it in the first place. I started training because I enjoyed the challenge it presented and I loved the feel good endorphin surge it gave me post workout. Back in the day training was the only thing I wanted to do. I’d often spend hrs everyday listening to rap music (and the Rocky Balboa soundtrack! don’t judge!) whilst pumping iron in my dads garage.

I Wanted to look like the guys in the fitness magazines…

As training progressed i’d look up to the guys in the fitness magazines, the bodybuilders, and fitness models. Mainly fitness models, the likes of Greg Plitt (R.I.P). I wanted a physique like his so bad, to me that was the pinnacle of success. For a couple of years I went down the bodybuilding/competing route, wanting to excel and potentially do a photoshoot or competition.

I’d go through phases where my diet was immaculate, every food weighed out to the gram. I’d miss social occasions with my family. By-heck I even remember a family holiday, taking all my meat down with me to Cornwall in a cooler bag! Was I lean? Yes. Was I happy? No. Truth be told it was a miserable existence, riddled with vanity and insecurity.

If you were to look on my Facebook and Instagram back then it was just swamped with good looking, ripped models, all with sculpted abs and living the dream (or so I thought back then!). My reason to follow these guys was this…. tune into the best for inspiration. In reality quite the opposite occurred. Tuning into perfection actually made me insecure. I was constantly comparing myself to these athletes. Then the realisation came that I couldn’t compete, and subsequently I completely lost my training mojo.

Enough was enough.

I took 2 weeks of training to recompose myself, and try to reconnect with my ‘why’ – the reasons for wanting to train again. After much thought and deliberation ¬†I decided I didn’t want to follow a plan but that I just wanted to push myself and enjoy training. If that meant one day doing weights, another day working on flexibility and another day jogging then to hell with it, it didn’t matter. What did matter was that I was to enjoy my workouts. I also unfollowed every single fitness model (except Steve Cook! What a legend!).

What happened? My mojo came back and now i’m more in love with training than ever. I’m no way near as big, I’m lean (around 10-12% body fat) but not shredded like I used to be – and i’m totally cool with that. I’m happier, healthier and fitter than ever. I can complete 100 push ups, cycle 65km, run for miles and do the splits! But most importantly i’ve got my zest back and I frickin love training again.

Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to reconnect to our core. Don’t be disheartened when this happens. Take a break, take time to think and when the time is ready…

Come back and kick some ass!

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Nick “Austin Powers Mojo” Screetoni¬†