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When Was the last time you just focused on you for 1 day?

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This Sunday just gone was amazing (5th June 2016!). I woke up feeling tired after finishing an extremely busy week with the LEP Fitness Tribe. It’s been a long time since I gave myself 1 day off. I usually have Sunday afternoons to recover but I decided that i’d give myself the entire day on this occasion.

That meant no gym, no e-mails (or checking!), no phone, no planning, no stressing, it was to be just me… relaxing. As it was a beautiful day I decided to sit outside, catch some rays, and Vitamin D, whilst reading my book (Lolita – weird book, but good!). Initially I found the art of relaxing very difficult… work related thoughts kept popping into my head such as…“Nick! You’ve got to complete this custom meal plan! Nick! You could be writing a blog! Nick! Why aren’t you going to the gym?!?!”

After a while of battling with such thoughts I started to relax, and unwind. I sat still for hrs on my comfy brown cushion (which Sally can’t stand! it’s a bit old and manky but It’s sooo comfy!) – I read and chilled out, taking a brief pause every now and then to sip on some icy cold Evian water. I absolutely loved it, I relaxed, my mind aimlessly wandered, and at some point in the afternoon I slowly drifted off into a restful sleep. I bathed in the sun (consequently got a tan! high five!) and spent the best part of 6hrs completely chilling out in my peaceful garden.

When Was the last time you just focused on you for 1 day?

I must admit i’m guilty of this myself and need to do it more often. But after my experience on Sunday i’m definitely going to do this more regularly. I felt utterly revitalised, refreshed and ready to go again. It’s amazing how just 1 day away from stress can re-charge the batteries. I guarantee that if you take a day to chillax (chilling + relaxing = chillaxing!) you’ll…

  1. Have more energy for the week ahead
  2. Have better workouts
  3. Feel so much fresher (mentally and physically)

Chillaxing Ideas

Reading, sunbathing, light swimming, brisk walking, sleeping, mediating! So on that note i’m setting you a challenge to complete a ‘Chillax’ day this week. Commit to 1 full day, put it in your diary and make it happen. Let me know how you get on!

personal training sheffield - lep fitness - personal trainer sheffield - nick screeton owner of LEP Fitness based in sheffield

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