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London Shenanigans : Whiskey, Burgers, Boris Bikes and the River Thames!


Typical Tourist…

personal trainer in London - Whiskey, Burgers, Boris Bikes and the River Thames

The weekend just gone I popped down to London to see my Brother from another Mother… Manraj Chhina! We’ve been great friends for many years and were well due a catch up!

On Friday I took the train from Sheffield to St Pancreas. On the train I ended up squished in a corner next to a bunch of American’s who talked about computer coding for the entire 3hr trip (bored would be an understatement!).


When I finally arrived in London at 8pm I was pretty shattered to be honest. I’d been up since 5am (15hrs) running around like a headless chicken! On the Thursday night I also had the worst nights sleep ever, you know the one’s where your tossing and turning, restless, too hot one minute, too cold the next! Anyhow I think you get the picture I was absolutely cream-crackered!

Nothing a good Whiskey and coke couldn’t sort out though! After a quick freshen up me and Manneh took a trip to Brixton. We picked up some food and had a few double JD and Cokes. When I say a few… What I really mean is 8 (and probably a few more!). When our vision and dance moves failed us we packed up (approx 2am) and stumbled home. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out for the count.

Whiskey, Food and Boris Bikes…

Saturday we got up nice and early (approx 7am) with a slightly sore head (nothing a good paracetamol and pint of water couldn’t sort out!). We hired some Boris bikes and cycled around a rather quite London. I for one looked like the typical tourist – you know the one’s who keep smiling and taking pictures of everything in sight: Big Ben, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, etc, etc.

Cycling around London for hrs makes your thighs burn like crazy! So we took a break and set up shop for a couple of hrs on Primrose Hill. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, the temperature was around 23 degrees. We caught up on old times and talked about business, life and everything in between.

Shoreditch Pizza & Quasimodo…

After recharging our batteries for a couple of hrs, we lugged our tired butts around for some more London exploration but quickly ran out of energy. So we stopped of for some fuel at the best pizza place ever. It was a place over in Shoreditch called ‘Home Slice’ – the pizza’s there were the size of a small dining table (i’m not even joking!). After devouring half a pizza each we went into a complete food coma, sluggishly walking around London like some Quasimodo figure, checking out some more cool places like Covent Garden.

Hair Of the Dog…

2hrs later we stopped again for a couple of diet Whiskey and Cokes and a burger at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Yeah I know I ate some cr*p that day!). After polishing of a burger, chips and milkshake we ordered a taxi back – both exhausted, we barely spoke to each other, I think I fell asleep in the cab!

When we got back to the pad, we checked how many miles we’d walked…. 14 miles! My legs felt heavy, and we’d both looked as though we’d been 10 rounds with Conor McGregor! Like a pair of old ladies (no offence!) we watched X factor and laughed at some of the contestants (that rapper woman! haha! cuckoo!)

Anyhow after a long, tiring weekend I travelled back on Sunday a broken man (both physically, mentally and…. financially!). What a weekend though.

Letting My hair Down…

I’ve realised that it’s good to let your hair down, and I for one need to do it more often. It’s all well and good working your butt off, training and dieting but there’s a time and a place where you need to kick back, relax and chill out!

Anyhow thanks for reading!

Until the next mini adventure,

owner of LEP Fitness and sheffield personal trainer