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Why Being In Great Shape Will Still Make You Depressed

Why Being In Great Shape Will Still Make You Depressed

Being in great shape is not the key to happiness. Often people believe that being in great shape makes you so much happier.

From my experience it’s not the transformation that makes a client happy but the journey of self discovery.

It can be an uncomfortable journey for most.

Problems you have perhaps been neglecting for years: emotional eating, trauma, lack of self belief, unhealthy relationships, I mean the list is endless. . .

If I waved a magic wand and turned your body into exactly how you wanted it to look . . .

and not only that . . .

It would always look the same (no matter what you ate!)

Your happiness would be short lived, for you have not dealt with the real issues that make you unhappy in the first place.

When you fall out of shape it’s a form of self harm, you are neglecting the most powerful tool you will ever own.

You have to look deep into why you have gotten yourself into this position in the first place and find ways to re-wire both mind, body and spirit.

Tune into the pain of not changing your body, what will happen if:

  • 5 years down the line you have put on another 2 stone
  • You have developed a serious health condition (diabetes, etc)
  • Your social life suffers (lack of confidence)
  • You can’t kick a ball around the park with your kids (cause you get foookeddd!)

Don’t just read this post but imagine whats going to happen if you don’t start to change.

How much do you want it?

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