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Why Im Spending Less Time In The Gym But Getting Better Results…


Half the time twice the results!

Why Im Spending Less Time In The Gym But Getting Better Results…

For along time i’d go to the gym everyday, and obsess over my diet. I’d go to the gym for 1-2hrs everyday and spend about 30 minutes each day prepping my meals.

It’s safe to say it was a BIG commitment which took up lots of time and required plenty of sacrifices.

As i’m getting older (28 now!) I’m actually spending far less time working out and I don’t spend long in the kitchen, in fact at the moment I’ll only cook one meal a day and it usually takes 5-10 minutes! The rest of the time i’ll have smoothies using a Nutribullet and snack on protein shakes and fruit.

Going to the Gym Less…

Instead of going to the gym 7 days per week I now do 1 day on and then 1 day off. That means that one week I’ll go 4 days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday but then the week after I’ll only go 3 days per week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

I’ve noticed my strength go up, my recovery has improved, i’m not feeling beaten up all the time and I have far more time with friends, family, and to grow my business.

Spending Less Time Working Out…

Alongside going to the gym less, I’m also spending less time working out. In fact most of my workouts take 45 minutes! At the moment i’m training my full body every session and only doing 2 intense sets per muscle group.

An example workout looks like this:

  1. Bench press x 2 sets
  2. Wide Pull ups x 2 sets
  3. Barbell shoulder press x 2 sets
  4. DB curls x 2 sets
  5. Close grip press x 2 sets
  6. One arm DB row x 2 sets
  7. Squats x 2 sets
  8. Lying hamstring curl x 2 sets
  9. Standing calf raises x 2 sets
  10. Rope crunches x 2 sets

The rep range I’m using is 8-15 reps and i’ll give 100% every session.

Quality over Quantity…

As you can see training 3-4x per week for just 45 minutes can give you amazing results. Just make-sure that when you train you give absolutely everything. Log your lifts and make-sure you are pushing yourself to force a body adaptation. Of course diet is key too, pick foods which are conducive towards you goals and are quick and convenient to make stuff like:

  • Smoothies (there’s a Nutribullet recipe blog post coming next week stay tuned!)
  • Protein bars
  • Protein shakes
  • Microwave rice with pre cooked chicken
  • Nuts

Here’s to a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle! If you need any help please give me a holla – i’d love to help…

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