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Why So Many People Fail To Succeed On Their Health & Fitness Quest…

Why So Many People Fail To Succeed On Their Health & Fitness Quest

Millions of people in the world are trying to improve their health and fitness! They do this by working out, following the latest dieting trends and by investing their hard earned money into fancy fat loss supplements and gadgets that all claim to help!

The trouble is that most people are failing, they jump from diet to diet, and exercise program to exercise program. One day they feel motivated to go to the gym and eat well, but then the next day…they binge on chocolate, crisps and takeouts!

In this post I want to share some things with you that are often neglected, but if you do them you’ll greatly increase your chances of success when it comes to transforming your health, body shape and overall quality of life…

#1 Counseling…

When you say the word ‘counseling’ it stirs up a different response depending on the individual . For lots of people it means admitting defeat and evokes feelings of helplessness and weaknesses. They don’t want to go to a counselor because they have to address uncomfortable feelings and sometimes it’s much easier to stick to what you know – even if that means being unhappy. 

Over recent years I’ve worked with a bunch of clients who need more than a personal trainer in their lives. They need extra psychological support. For example as a personal trainer you can write up the best exercise and diet program for them but if they are unable to follow the instructions…the plan is useless! 

Lots of people suffer with low self esteem, and perform self-sabotaging actions which stop them from succeeding and changing their lives. They may really want to lose weight and get fit, but deep down they don’t believe they can, and they don’t believe they deserve it. 

Instead of using the word counseling, I prefer to call it ‘life coaching’ because it’s about addressing the areas in your life holding you back, and improving the quality of your life, so that you can be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. It’s an opportunity to overcome fears and past events and evolve into a better person. 

Those clients who work with me, who also have extra help i.e. in the form of a life coach are 80% more likely to succeed. I myself have paid life and business coaches to help me overcome my confidence issues and it’s been the best money i’ve ever spent. 

To find somebody to help you, you could either look locally, ask a friend or check out online services like www.betterhelp.com.

#2 Self Development 

Alongside having extra psychological help, it’s important to constantly invest time into yourself. If you don’t look after your garden it grows weeds and looks shabby, the same can be said if you don’t look after yourself. 

I’m a big believer in spending at least 60 minutes each day on yourself. The things I recommend clients to do outside of sessions are:

Meditate – using an app like Headspace or Calm 

Read – books that help you improve the quality of your life. I recommend authors like Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra (if you want some great book recommendations then please e-mail me at nick@lepfitness.co.uk and ill happily send you some.  

Podcasts – listen to them on your commute to work. Podcasts like London Real, and Joe Rogan are full of remarkable guests who have often come from struggles and poor backgrounds, but whom have turned their lives around and share their wisdom to help listeners.

Audiobooks – I recommend using the app Audible to download books by people who you look up to. Personally I like listening to books about entrepenuaers like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos – because I like to hear the stories, struggles and setbacks and realise that i’m not the only one going through challenges that test me. 

Final Words…

If you work on the two things above ‘hiring a life coach’ and spending 60 minutes each day on ‘self development’ I can guarantee that if you do this for the next 6 months your life will dramatically change for the better. 

You will have good days, bad days, and everything in between (it’s all part of life) but be consistent and keep showing up each and every day and magical things will happen. 

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey!

Thanks for reading, 

Nick 🙂