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Why the Scales Lie?


What’s one thing that can put you in a bad mood faster than you can say . . .

Obi Wan Kenobi?

The title of this blog kind of gives it away . . .

The Scales!

Is this you???

If so your not alone, soooo many of us do it!

I can promise that this post will enlighten you and make you see the scales in a completely differently light (in a good way!). Weight should never be considered the sole indicator of one’s body progress let me explain why . . .

Your Doing All The Right Things BUT. . .


So you start training, you feel soooo much better, your doing all the right things, your clothes are fitting better, confidence is on the rise, and other people are starting to notice the difference . . .

BUT you FEAR . . .

The scales (yikes! sends shivers down your spine doesn’t it?) Scale weight dominates your mind like a 10 foot DEMON!

It sounds silly but it’s true? we put feedback from scales above our own eyes and above the compliments we receive from friends! The Scales have the final say like Alan Sugar in the Apprentice . . .


You’ve put on weight YOUR FIRED!!!!

Don’t worry though, were all in the same boat because we have been indoctrinated to place HUMONGOUS emphasis on scale weight. Thanks to the media, society and doctors . . .

Magazine headlines . . .

Kerry Katona lost 2 stone after following the Chicken&BroccoliMagicPillDietBustingLoadOfBS!

It’s like what Peter Kay says . . . I lost 14 stone in a day! lol)


It’s a joke and i’m tired of hearing it aren’t you?

EVERYTHING is focused on blooming body weight!

DO ONE! I say!

Home Truths about Weight Loss

Most people expect a consistent level of fat loss but more realistically it goes like. . .

  1. start program
  2. lose a few lbs
  3. weight stalls
  4. drop a few more lbs
  5. weight goes up!
  6. head goes!


I’ve completed over 6,000 coaching sessions and very rarely do I see a persons weight drop in a linear fashion.

How Do I Lose Weight?

The short answer . . . By creating a calorie deficit.

But there’s more . . .

Example . . .

Person A:performs WEIGHT TRAINING 3x per week for 60 minutes over 12 weeks

Person B:performs CARDIO TRAINING 3x per week for 60 minutes over 12 weeks

Both are increasing output and burning extra calories but the results at the end of the 12 weeks for Person A and Person B will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

12 weeks later . . .

Person A has built 3 lbs of muscle from weight training and lost 6 lbs of fat, so the total scale loss is ONLY . . . 3 lbs!

Person B has gained 0 muscle and lost 6 lbs, so the total scale loss is . . . 6 lbs!

What looks better on paper . . . 3 lbs or 6 lbs? Who looks better in real life Person A or Person B?


You with me yet? (don’t worry if your not i’m going to explain…)

Now let’s forget about the numbers . . . Person A body shape has changed (it looks better, muscles have been sculpted, posture has improved). Person B looks the same (body shape wise) but is a slightly smaller version of themselves!

Would you prefer to look better? or to lose more weight? most would prefer to look better! so there’s one tick in the box as to why the scales lie! (back of the net!).

The Scales are like David Copperfield – They Trick You!

Let’s get one thing ABSOLUTELY CLEAR scale weight does not mean you’ve gained BODYFAT and just because you’ve lost weight does not mean you’ve  lost BODYFAT!


There’s other things that can make your weight go up and down like a yo-yo. . .

Try this . . . weigh yourself in the morning (1st thing) and then eat a big breakfast and weigh yourself. What do you think will happen if you hop on the scales straight after? Yep weight goes up! do you think all that weight gain is fat? if you said YES you would be WRONG.

confused.com ?

If you were to eat a 2kg steak for breakfast, how much weight do you think you would put on straight after?


Your body can also carry extra weight in the form of carbohydrates which can be stored in the muscles (making you appear heavier after periods of higher carb eating). Your body will, at certain times hold onto more water (again making you appear heavier!).

Attention Women! Menstrual Cycle

From my experience women report regular weight fluctuations of 2-6lbs across a menstrual cycle! this can be frustrating! The best approach at dealing with this? anticipate your weight gain and simply accept temporary side effects of an entirely natural process! your not alone! it happens to others. Remember it’s temporary.

Take Home Points . . .

Can you now see why scale weight alone will not provide an accurate assessment of your progress?

A more accurate way to measure progress would be to get body fat readings (using callipers), going by how your clothes fit, and going off pictures (personally my favourite method for assessing progress (as the saying goes . . . a picture paints a thousand words!)

Before next weighing yourself ask yourself these 3 killer questions . . .

  1. Do I feel leaner?
  2. Do I look better?
  3. Am I doing what I believe to be the right things for fat loss?

If the answer is YES to the above . . .

Throw the scales in the garbage!

Trashed Scale 2

Trashed Scale 2


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