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Why working out with kettlebells is worth considering…

LEP Fitness PT studio - Why working out with kettlebells is worth considering

Regardless of whether you are just getting started with weights or have been training with them for decades, kettlebells are a good option to consider. It is well worth everyone looking seriously at the idea of working out with them.

They are not expensive, and you can select a kettlebell from blkboxfitness.com to suit your ability. So, it is not difficult to put together a set that will work for you. A set that will work for your fitness level and goals. 

Enables you to build strength without bulking up

If you want to be strong and lean, kettlebells are an especially good option. The way you move when working out with them means that you get stronger without bulking up too much.

Great for your core

The shape of kettlebells and the way you hold them makes it easy for you to do exercises that will build your core. They are also highly effective for strengthening your lower back and glutes.

An easy way to get a cardio workout

If you are not keen on spending a long period of time cycling, running, or doing group cardio sessions, take a look at incorporating kettlebells into your cardio workout. Adding weights into these sessions means you can build on your strength as well as keeping up your stamina.

Kettlebells are good for co-ordination

Most kettlebell workouts include exercises that require you to swap them from hand to hand. This is particularly good for your hand-eye coordination. It engages your brain and body in a way that many other forms of weight training does not. 

Improves your body awareness

Passing the kettlebells around your body and swinging them through your legs also helps with body awareness. The movements tend to involve all of your limbs. This pushes you to become more aware of your body as a whole, which can help you to perfect your form.

Helps to improve balance and stability

Many people find that their balance improves too when they mix this type of workout in with other forms of exercise.

Helps you to burn fat

The fact that you can potentially get your heart rate up to the same rate as if you were running means that you burn a lot of calories. You quickly get into the fat-burning zone and can easily stay there.

Kettlebells are easier to store than other weights

They are extremely popular with people that work out at home. Partly because they are, in many ways, easier to store than other kinds of weights. You just need to put up some strong hooks on the wall of your garage or workout space to keep them out of the way.

How to get the most out of your kettlebell workout

There are lots of kettlebell exercises that you can add into your routine. You may want to stick to kettlebell training by itself, or incorporate with other pieces of equipment such as: dumbbells, weights machines, resistance bands, cardio equipment, etc.

There’s no one size fits all approach and it depends on your goals and your preferences. If you think kettlebells are for you, read this article to learn how to put together a set of exercises that will work for you.

Kettlebell Exercises:

Here are some of my favourite kettlebell exercises. Feel free to pick and choose the ones you like the best, and If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch here

Kettlebell swing:

This one is great for strengthening the entire body. It’s also good for general fitness and core stability.

Kettlebell one arm swings:

A good variation on the two arm swing. Great for improving speed and agility.

Kettlebell push press:

If you want bigger shoulders, try this exercise…

Kettlebell bicep curl:

This one is for bigger/stronger biceps…

Kettlebell one arm row:

Improve your posture and upper back strength with this amazing exercise…

Kettlebell squat:

I do this exercise each week to strengthen my thighs and glutes.

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