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Why You Don’t Have Enough Energy for Your Workouts…

Why You Don’t Have Enough Energy for Your Workouts

Working out is obviously very physically demanding, and just the thought of going on a run after work, or lifting some heavy weights in the gym, can be enough to make you feel tired! There are lots of people out there (maybe you’re one of them!) who really struggle to get the energy and motivation you need to get yourself to the gym. This fatigue can be down to lots of reasons, and in this post we’ll explore those reasons in greater detail, BUT most importantly… we aim to help you, by providing some solutions so that you have more energy and motivation to work out and achieve your health and fitness goals…

Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition is often one of the number one reasons why you are feeling tired. A western diet is typically very high in inflammatory foods, things such as bread, pasta, and sugary carbohydrates, such as sweets and chocolate. These foods can cause lots of problems within the body, such as IBS – making you feel tired and sluggish all of the time, and can also lead to joint inflammation, which means you ache and feel lethargic – not ideal for when you want to get motivated to workout!

Instead of consuming processed carbs, you should opt for natural, and single ingredient foods, things such as lean meat and fish. Other healthy foods include: eggs, rice, avocado, fruit (all types) and vegetables – the more veg you can eat the better.

Supplements are another way to fill in the gaps and give you the boost you may be lacking. When taken before exercise, they can help to invigorate you and kickstart your sessions. If you’re looking to fuel your body and heighten the energy you need for dynamic workouts, be sure to check out Zach Attack Supplements. We also recommend a good multivitamin, and a vitamin D tablet.

Lack Of Sleep 

Sleep is one of the most underrated aspects of health, and not many people are aware of how important it is for revitalising both the mind and body. Everybody should be aiming for at least 8 hours sleep per night (at the absolute minimum 7 hours!). Getting a good nights sleep allows your body to heal, repairing the damage from your last workout, and healing from the daily mental and emotional stress brought on from work, finances, relationships, etc.

To improve your sleep we recommend trying the following: turn off all electrical devices at least 1 hour before bed. The blue light effects your sleep quality. Instead, opt for a warm bath (which will help you relax) and read a book in bed. It’s also worth investing in some black out blinds, or a sleeping mask. You want your environment as dark as possible – so that your body releases melatonin, which then signals the body to get ready for sleep.

Too Much Stress

We all experience stress on some level, and it’s not a bad thing. We need the stress response to keep us safe, and protect us. Also, it’s not something we can necessarily control. That said, we can control how we deal with stress, and it’s important to have strategies in place, to stop it from taking over our lives. Whilst stress isn’t bad, ‘Chronic Stress’ is – and we need to have moments of relaxation, in order to recharge our batteries both mentally and physically.

There are lots of ways to destress, but some of the best include: meditating, sleep, long walks in the countryside, reading a book, journalling (writing down your worries), keeping a gratitude diary, talking out your problems with friends, and family members, sports massage, outdoor activities – such as cycling, low intensity exercise, etc.