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Let Go Of The Past To Move On…

Why You Need To Let Go Of The Past To Move On…

The other day I was chilling in Endcliffe park. I’d just been on a long wintery walk, my legs felt heavy, and I was pretty pooped, so I took comfort by resting on a slightly damp park bench. I sat peacefully by a pond, surrounded by nature.

As my feet rested, and the tree branches moved calmly in the wind, all problems and thoughts disappeared and I was living life in the present moment. I watched the ducks, who were happily gliding along the water. I lost all sense of time…

After a moment of tranquility, two ducks started fighting, frantically flapping their wings and aggressively moving their beaks. I’d never seen a duck fight before (i didn’t even know ducks fought!). After a brief and intensive scrap they both parted, going their separate ways.

Straight after the chaos, it was as though nothing had happened. They both continued gliding calmly across the still pond. The fight that had taken place just moments earlier… completely forgotten.  It was as though somebody had totally erased the experience from their brains.

To me though it was still very real, and I kept replaying the scenario over and over in my head. In fact I’ve relieved that scene multiple times (i’m reliving it writing this post!)

I’m kind of jealous of animals because they let go, there mind doesn’t harbour grudges, or make judgements like the human race. In many ways it’s a very simple life and probably a much easier life to lead. It’s definitely far less stressful!

Let Go Like The Ducks…  

How many of us relive our past experiences and harbour emotions which cause us pain, frustration, anger, resentment, and guilt? Every time we think these thoughts we tense up, and relive it as though it’s happening all over again.

It could be a recent fall out with a friend, or a comment that somebody said that offended us. Maybe it’s post traumatic stress or the lingering aftermath of physical or emotional abuse from years ago.

A Broken Record on REPEAT…

A Broken Record on REPEAT...

Every time we attach to these unpleasant thoughts, we relive the experience and we repeatedly damage ourself – we continue to live in a state of pain.

My experience with the ducks taught me that one of the most important things we need to do when transforming our mind and body is to let go of the past. The past has been and gone, you can’t change it. What has happened to this point has happened and it doesn’t matter whether you’re happy about it or not – it is what it is.

Can our past help our future?

We may be able to learn from the past but so many of us don’t learn from it, instead we replay the event and tell ourselves the same stories…

  • We go to the gym but we still see ourselves as the fat guy/women
  • We eat healthy foods but we still remember the harsh names the kids called us at school
  • There’s still that niggling voice in the back of our head that says “you’re still a total failure. Give up now!”

If you want to improve your mind, body and life you’ve got to let go of the past. When you keep replaying the same story you’ll continue to feel the same, nothing will change and you’ll continue to attract more of the same into your life.

When you accept all past events and let go you can start to rewire your mind and body to get what you want and lead a more fulfilling life.

Forgive yourself and others, let go of toxic grudges, and other harmful emotions which are affecting your future.

Like the ducks let all your sh*t go and move on in the present moment…

Just a few thoughts I had today,

fitness writer nickeh screetoni - owner and founder of sheffield personal training business LEP Fitness