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Why you should Avoid ‘Energy Zappers’ If You Want to be Happy…


What is an Energy Zapper? 

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We all know an energy Zapper!

You know the type of person who has you feeling utterly miserable in less than 5 minutes!

Moaning about the weather, poor pay, a bad back, their football team, traffic, you name it their moaning about it!

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I’ll never forget…

4 years ago when I was at University I had a major presentation to deliver.

It was worth a whopping 50% of one of my final year modules and had the potential to alter my overall degree.

During the 4 week build up I was positively crapping myself 💩. I aged about 100 years (from all the stress! ), barely slept a wink as I rehearsed every evening (talking to myself in the mirror like some nutcase!).

Anyhow cutting a long story short…

I nailed the presentation and got a 1st . I was over the moon and felt as though a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I was literally walking around like 10 men, not in an arrogant way but with a confident, proud demeanour. Man I could have taken on the world in that moment.

I came back to my student house with a grin like a Cheshire Cat and shared the awesome fr*ckin news with some of my mates at that time.

They could see me in pure elation and didn’t like it. They made sarcastic comments and within 5 minutes I felt flatter than a pancake (I felt like utter sh💩t to be honest).

I was supposed to go out and celebrate that night but I didn’t I locked myself in my room.

I felt extremely flat and disappointed. How could my ‘so called friends’ be like this?

The next morning I woke up and decided I had no time for people like this in my life and I actually learned a very important lesson.

That lesson…

To very carefully select who you spend your time with. Your environment has the capacity to either pick you up or drag you down.

Surround yourself with good hearted, honest people who celebrate your successes and help nurture you through failure.

People who love you for just being you.

Dismiss those that bring misery to your world.

Life is too short.


👱💪 Nick




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