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Why you should become a personal trainer! The best job in the world…


A Dream job with tons of benefits…

Why you should become a personal trainer - personal trainer sheffield - sheffield personal trainer

I’ve been coaching for 10 years now and I absolutely bloody love it! In fact I think it’s probably the coolest job in the world (apart from being an astronaut!). If your passionate about helping others and love fitness then this could be your dream job for many reasons…

1) Fulfilment

There’s nothing better than witnessing a transformation unfold. When you see both you and your clients hard work revealed it’s absolutely magical! Words cannot describe the feeling one get’s from being a part of this. It’s frickin incredible!

2) Financially rewarding 

It’s very possible to earn £100,000 per year as a personal trainer. If your damn good at what you do, and you provide a 5 star service and get great results it can be a very lucrative career. I’m currently in the middle of writing ‘How to become a 100k a Year Personal Trainer‘. This will be live on my site in the next few months (so stay tuned!).

3) Work Where you like

Once you’ve acquired the skills needed to be a personal trainer you can literally work pretty much any where in the world. How cool is that? There will most probably always be a need for your service, especially if you specialise in fat loss – as obesity rates continue to rise.  You can also work where you like: in a gym, from home (like me!), or even run an online personal training business, enabling you to travel the world! or again work from home.

4) People who want you 

There are millions of people needing your service. People wanting to lose weight, tone up and get fit. If you know your sh*t, acquire great people skills and market yourself correctly there will literally be hundreds of people queuing up at your door!

5) Meet Great People

I’ve met hundreds of amazing people and built long lasting relationships with many clients, some have even blossomed into great friends.

So many more benefits…

There’s plenty more benefits as well, in fact I could probably spend all day naming them! Instead i’ve decided to write a blog series called ‘50 Essential Tips for Personal Trainers and PT business Owners‘ – this will go live the first week in September.

If you want to get into the fitness industry or are already a personal trainer I’d highly recommend you come back and check these posts out. Basically for 5 weeks i’ll be writing a 1,000 word article (totally FREE!) every week. I’ll be sharing some absolute knowledge bombs, to teach you how to become a kick ass coach and run a successful personal training business!

I hope you enjoyed, see you soon Amigo!

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