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Why you should squat twice a week…

Why you should squat twice a week | LEP Fitness

Ever notice that one person who practically lives in the squat rack? Male and female athletes alike are adding squats to their workout routines. Doing squats does more than just make your bum and thighs look great. It has many other benefits that most people don’t realise.

Shapes up the Thighs, Buttocks, and Quadriceps

The obvious benefit to performing squats is that they’re an excellent way to get the butt and legs you’ve always dreamed of. All of the celebrities known for their great butts also perform squats regularly. The squat is a compound exercise that improves the appearance of your lower body in a short period of time.

Increases Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone

When performed correctly, squats can increase the volume of testosterone produced by the body. Squats also increase human growth hormone. Both of these substances improve muscle synthesis and fat burning. These powerful effects are consistent with both male and female athletes.

Reduces Cellulite

For many people, gals especially, it’s not the size of the butt or legs, but the appearance of cellulite. The unappealing look of cellulite can harm anyone’s self-esteem. The benefit of squatting is that it not only improves the overall shape of your butt but improves the texture too.

Increases Libido

The increased testosterone from squats also raises libido. Performing squats improves blood flow throughout the body, including the amount of blood available to the genitals. With increased blood flow, squats can enhance orgasms in men and women.

Strengthens Joints

When performed correctly, squats strengthen the knee, hip and ankle joints. Many people incorrectly believe that squatting causes joint degradation. However, as long as there is proper alignment between the hip, knees, and the ankles then joint strength will improve greatly.

Improves Running Performance

Many athletes add squats to their workout routine to increase running speed and endurance. Squats’ ability to strengthen the quadriceps and glutes increases explosiveness, making you a faster sprinter and longer jumper. Long distance runners can also benefit because of the endurance that is achieved from practicing squats.

Strengthens Core

Many people are unaware that squats can actually give you the abs of your dreams. Squats are a full body workout that require the use of your core muscles. It’s impossible to perform the squat without using your abdominal muscles. If you want to improve your abs and legs, squats are the exercise for you.

Squats as Cardio

When performed in succession, squats are great for increasing your cardiovascular health. It is very easy to build a cardio routine around squats. The full body motion and use of your own body weight make squats perfect for cardio. You may even want to add vertical jumps in-between squats to increase intensity.

No Membership Required

Many people want a dream body they can show off at the pool or beach. With the stress of work and family, making it to the gym isn’t always in the cards. The wonderful thing about squats is that they can be performed anywhere, anytime. So, on days you can’t make it to the gym, a calisthenic routine utilizing squats is a great alternative.

Squats Burn Fat

If you want to reduce your body fat percentage, you should increase your muscle mass. By performing squats at least twice a week you will increase the amount of muscle you have very quickly. One pound of muscle burns approximately 10 more calories every day. Just imagine how many more calories would be burned with just 5-10 pounds of extra muscle.

Fixes Back Pain

Many people suffer from chronic back pain. With our modern day jobs sitting at a desk every day really does a number on our back health. While strengthening our legs, and core squats also can strengthen our lower back. Lower back problems often occur from sedentary lifestyles. Squats get us up and moving and strengthen weak backs. With a stronger back, the pain will improve with time.

A basic squat is easy to perform and accessible to everyone. All you need to do is stand with your legs hip-width apart. Turn your toes out slightly, and bend your knees. Be sure to keep your knees directed over your second toe to keep good alignment. Two squat sessions a week are all you need to develop exceptional lower body muscle and strength.