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Why Your Friends Are Making You Fat…

Why Your Friends Are Making You Fat

As I write this sentence it is 5.15am Friday the 13th (creepy!).

If we could wind back the clock by 4 years I would not be writing this.


4 years ago, I was a completely different person!

4 years ago . . .

I would either be out partying

or . . .

In bed, hungover, hot, sweaty, irritable, fidgety.

I used to dress a certain way, act like my friends and speak group lingo!

We had  our own language, a code which only a few could speak and understand.

When you are part of a group there are unwritten rules.

What can and cannot be said.

How you can and cannot act.

A hierarchy.

People with different roles, the joker, the intellect, the leader, etc, etc.

When you do not conform to the rules of the pact you may get victimised or ousted!

In hindsight, when I look back many of the decisions and actions I made back then were not my own, they were inflicted on me by the circles I entertained.

The problem for me was . . .

On the whole I was with a bad group of mates.

Bad influences.

Poor role models.

Negative thinkers.

And guess what . . .

It dragged my down like a . . .


It was only when I left that I realised how much my negative environment made me sink.

Why Your Friends Are Making You Fat!

In order to be part of a group you have to accept certain beliefs and act according to the herds mentality.

If your friends go out and party at the weekends, get drunk, eat take-aways, smoke, etc then what are you more than likely to do?

It is human nature to want to be liked and be part of a group.

It is a built in survival mechanism, having a troop feels safer than being without.

Thats all well and good if you have a healthy troop.

But if you have a bad one . . .

You are in trouble.

They say . . .

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Are hanging out with people/friends who are inspiring, supportive, and moving forwards in life?


Moaners, pessimists, people who drag you down and either stagnate or move backwards?

Trust me I have been in both types of camps.

The best camp to be in? . . .

Well, that goes without saying!

If your friends are going out for coffee and cake everyday are you more likely to eat cake and drink coffee?


Now I think it is really important to state that I am using my own experience and perspectives to write this piece and I want to clarify. . .

Drinking coffee, eating cake, going out for some drinks and partying does not make you a bad person.

That is not what I am saying.

However . . .

If you want to get healthy, lose weight, drop inches, blitzzzz body fat is this the best environment?

Most definitely not.

If you really want to improve your body and change old habits you have to take look at your surroundings.

If you do not change your environment you will not change.

As Albert Einstein once said . . .

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Are you telling me to abandon all my friends?


What I am saying is there are ways to put yourself in healthier environments.

An environment that propels you forward.

An environment conducive to your goals.

Here Are My Top 5 Tips To Help You Improve Your Environment

  1. Sitdown by yourself and think through your current situation. What do you want from life? is somebody or something holding you back? What could you do to improve your circumstances? Think BIG but start small. What could you do in the next couple of weeks to help improve? here’s a few ideas . . .
  2. Join a group : Select a network or class that runs parallel to your goals. People who are trying to achieve the same end goal. People who can relate to each other, sharing the same boat.
  3. Find a person who has achieved what you want and try to emulate them as best as possible. A great site for inspiration, and  insights https://successstory.com
  4. Meet new people (in person or online). There are forums, and groups out there to help people just like you. Sheffield Forum is a good one to post and interact in if your based in Sheffield.
  5. Hire a coach/mentor who can propel you forward, give you tips and create a plan of action. If your looking for a personal trainer here’s an article to help you select the right one https://www.lepfitness.co.uk/get-best-personal-training-experience/

Final note . . .

Before we part . . . .

Ask yourself these 2 questions. . .

What would be worse . . .

The temporary discomfort of leaving your comfort zone and leaving the people dragging you down?


The lifelong pain and misery of missing out on a healthier, better life, with new opportunities and a happier future?

Food for thought . . .



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