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Workout Of The Week : Full Body Madness (A Ridiculously Brutal Workout!)


Total Body Destruction…

Workout Of The Week : Full Body Madness (A Ridiculously Brutal Workout!)

This workout is literally going to zap your entire body – from head to toe!

So far in the ‘Workout of The Week’ series we’ve looked at splitting up body parts i.e. chest, shoulders, triceps.

This week we’re going to train the full body in just 1 workout.

WARNING – I nearly threw up this morning after completing this session. It also took me double the time it usually takes to walk back from the gym!

If you feel like putting your body through a brutal challenge, give this routine a blast. If you are unsure of the exercises check them out on YouTube first.

  1. Warm Up (15 minutes foam rolling)
  2. Walking Kettle Bell lunges x 40 reps
  3. Static wall squat hold x 60s
  4. Jump Squats x 20 reps
  5. Jumping lunges x 30 reps
  6. Sumo Barbell deadlifts x 20 reps
  7. Burpees x 20 reps
  8. Leg press x 50 reps
  9. Flat DB press x 20 reps
  10. Seated cable row x 20 reps
  11. DB clean and press x 20 reps
  12. Alternating DB curls x 10 reps (10 each arm)
  13. Push Ups x 40 reps
  14. Dips (parellel bars) x 20 reps
  15. Hanging leg raises (abs) x 20 reps
  16. Reverse crunches x 20 reps
  17. Cable crunches x 40 reps
  18. Glute hamstring raises x 20 reps
  19. Calf raises on leg press machine x 100 reps
  20. 5 mins of HIIT training on a spin bike – 20s of sprinting, followed by 40s slow recovery cycling, repeat this 5x, totalling 5 minutes.
  21. 15 minutes of stretching and cooling down


  • Rest only enough to switch to the next exercise.
  • If you can’t use a machine because somebody is on it, either kick them off (lol!) or go to the next exercise in the sequence and come back to it. I’d recomend copying this workout onto your phone, or printing it out on paper. That way you can work through the list and tick off each exercise as you go along.
  • Drink plenty of water in between sets