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You’ll Never Get The Body Of Your Dreams & Here’s Why…


It’s Never Going To Happen!

You’ll Never Get The Body Of Your Dreams & Here’s Why…

The Title of this post is a bit depressing don’t you think!?!?

What happened to having a positive mindset Nick?

The truth is that there are so many people out there who want a better looking body, who want to be fitter and healthier – but will never ever achieve the result they’re looking for!

In this post I’m going to share some of the common reasons why people fail to change. I’m going to be brutally honest, delve deep and I’ll also come up with some solutions so you can karate kick the backside off these things that are holding you back…

#1 Monday to Friday Dieters…

A Monday to Friday Dieter is somebody who eats really well during the week, and goes to the gym – but then goes absolutely frickin crazy on the weekends! Takeaways, booze, and all that jazz!

I’ve said this many times before and i’ll say it again, if you are not in a calorie deficit you will not lose weight. You could go all week being disciplined (Mon-Fri) and you could lose 1-2lbs, but then if you over eat on the weekends – the following Monday you’ll be exactly the same weight as you were the week before. It’s 2 steps forwards and 2 steps back… ‘Groundhog Day’ where things never change!

SOLUTION : For the next 2 weeks be 100% on your diet and watch how much your body changes.

#2 I Don’t Have Time…

You do have time, everyone has time, even the busiest people in the world! You just don’t choose to use your time to workout. There’s nothing wrong with using time as an excuse but don’t expect to transform your body unless you invest time and effort into working out.

SOLUTION : watch the video below and pencil into your diary 5 days next week when you will work out.

#3 Looking For Magic Pills 

If you are constantly on the hunt for the latest diet fad or magic pill…please stop wasting your time. There are no such things! You cannot get away from the science…

  • If you want to LOSE WEIGHT you have to create a CALORIE DEFICIT
  • If you want to GAIN WEIGHT you have to create a CALORIE SURPLUS
  • If you want to GET FIT you have to WORKOUT
  • If you want to BUILD MUSCLE you have to LIFT WEIGHTS

SOLUTION : The magic pills are not going to work! Instead work on your mindset, improving your diet, regularly work out (3-5x per week) and be consistent. You’ll get the results you deserve.

#4 I Don’t Have Enough Money

Maybe you don’t have enough money to pay a personal trainer or a join a gym but I’d still encourage you to sit down and look through your finances – where are you spending your money?

If you genuinely can’t afford healthy food check out this post I wrote on how to eat well for less.

If you are unable to afford a gym membership (£9.99 per month) then start working out at home – check out my free workouts here

SOLUTION : Write down how much you spend each month on takeaways, clothes, nights out, Box Office movies and see if you can pull back so that you can invest more in your health and fitness. A weekly takeout is at least £10 per week (that’s a PURE gym membership!)


If you don’t want a better body or to improve you health and fitness that’s absolutely fine, but i’m guessing you wouldn’t have read this far if that was the case. A coach said something to me once and it’s always stayed with me…


Now go and erase the word EXCUSE from your vocab and make some good sh*t happen!

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