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7 Ways To Raise Your Game While Exercising


Most people who work out have their way of exercising at the gym. Some usually spend hours on the same gym equipment, while others try to do different exercises in one gym session.  

However. you may feel like you’re no longer improving, or your workouts are getting boring. When this happens, it’s best to switch things up, or reevaluate your current workout routine to see which areas you need to improve or change. 

You can try these tips to help you make the most out of your exercises: 

1. Don’t Skip Your Pre-Workout Meal  

You shouldn’t starve yourself if you’re trying to get fit. Eating properly will give you enough energy to perform your daily activities and power you through your entire gym session.  

If you prefer mid or high-intensity workouts, you should fuel your body, or else you’ll end up too exhausted before you even finish exercising.  

A pre-workout meal can be something as simple as a serving of fruit or a protein shake. Also remember that eating before you exercise doesn’t mean you need to eat a lot; it just means you need enough fuel to help you get through intense activities without passing out or getting too exhausted.  

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Weights  

Some people mistake lifting weights as a workout solely for bodybuilders or athletes. They think it makes them too muscular or bulky, so they stick to cardio or unweighted exercises. However, if you want to lose weight and build muscle, lifting weights is one of the most effective activities to help you reach your goals.  

You can try rotational power exercises if you want to target multiple muscle groups and improve your strength and mobility. If you want to focus on a body part, like your biceps, try isolated weight lifting exercises such as dumbbell curls or concentration curls. Don’t be afraid to add weights as you improve so that you can continuously grow your muscles and burn fat. 

3. Always Have Variations In Your Exercises  

When you started your fitness journey, you must have followed a strict exercise routine that helped you see results in your body. However, once you get accustomed to your movements, your muscles will slowly stop improving, which can result in a fitness plateau.  

It’s advisable for people who’ve been working out for a while to vary their workout routines. This way, the muscles will still feel challenged, leading to progressive muscle-toning and growth.  

You can mix and match workouts you like, such as kettlebell exercises and cardio workouts, to make your gym visits worthwhile. If your body no longer feels challenged with your current workout regimen, increase your exercise’ difficulty. Try to add weights or extend your exercise duration.  

You can also test new exercises you’re unfamiliar with and see how your body will respond. Try a sport, like boxing or interval workouts like HIIT to challenge your body and strengthen your muscles. If it makes you feel more tired than your usual workouts, try to incorporate it into your weekly or monthly exercise plans.  

4. Focus On Your Form 

Another way to maximise your workouts is by focusing on your form. Not only will it help you get the results you want, but it will also decrease your risk of injuries.  

Try to pay attention to your body’s position when doing specific exercises. For example, if your back hurts while doing a deadlift, you’re probably doing it wrong. Don’t overexert yourself on activities you’re not used to, especially if these involve heavy weights or intense workouts. 

It’s best to study the form of the exercises you want to try out. You can check out training videos online, or if you have a gym membership, ask a coach for help.

Start at an easy level. Once you get used to how you should position your body, you can gradually increase the difficulty. This way, you can properly execute your exercise routines and help you make the most out of your workouts.  

5. Don’t Forget To Stretch  

You shouldn’t skip stretching as it can help you perform your workouts better. Regular stretching before workouts will help keep your muscles flexible and mobile, which are essential in your day-to-day activities.  

Your muscles can get tight when you don’t have enough muscle activity, and workouts can strain and tighten your muscles even more. For example, if you have a job that requires you to sit on a chair for long hours, your hamstrings can get tight. If you proceed with a workout without stretching your legs, you may end up cramping your muscles or even injuring yourself.  

A 15-minute stretch before and after your workouts will help lessen your risk of muscle soreness, joint pain, or even muscle damage.  

6. Watch What You Eat  

Dedicating an hour at the gym is the easy part of getting fit; watching what goes into your body for the rest of the day is more complicated.  

No matter how much time you spend exercising, you won’t see the results you want if you ignore what you eat. A calorie deficit is a fundamental principle behind weight loss. It means you should burn more calories than what you consume daily. So, if your goal is to lessen your fat mass and weight, you should be more careful with your calorie intake.

You should avoid snacking mindlessly or binge eating as it can hinder you from hitting your goal weight. However, dieting doesn’t necessarily mean restricting yourself from eating food you like. It simply means being more mindful when and what you eat.  

Always make sure that even if you’re cutting down on calories, you’re still consuming enough nutrients to keep you energised throughout the day.  

7. Always Take Recovery Days  

If you want to maximise the results of your exercises, don’t skip your recovery days. It may seem like a good idea to always hit the gym. However, if you don’t let your muscles rest, you may end up hindering your gains.  

Your muscles need to rest to avoid any fatigue or excessive muscle soreness. After an intense workout, it’s best to skip the next day and let your muscles recover.  

Of course, you can still work out on your recovery days, but try to limit it to light exercises. You can try some less strenuous activities like yoga, stretching, or walking to keep your muscles moving.  

Final Thoughts 

Working out is more than just keeping your body fit. It also means having a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset about taking care of your body. 

You should remember to do your exercises with enough knowledge and caution so that you can walk out of the gym injury-free.