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Chest and Tricep Workout for Serious Muscle Gains…

Chest and Tricep Workout for Serious Muscle Gains

Would you like a free chest and tricep workout that is guaranteed to help you slap on some serious muscle tissue?

If you want a barrel chest, one that enters a room before any other body part of your body…

Then this article has been written for you.

Alongside building a head-turning chest, I’m also going to add in triceps too – making your arms bust out of your t-shirt. 

Sound good? 

In this article, you’re going to derive the following benefits:

  • 5 tips on how to build a bigger/more muscular chest and triceps
  • A free Chest and Tricep Workout that will lead to serious muscle gains 
  • 10 Video demos of the best chest and tricep exercises 

5 tips on how to build a bigger/stronger chest and triceps…

Chest and Tricep Workout

#1 Warm Up Your Shoulder Joints

When I was 17, I used to go into the gym (without warming up), slapping on as much weight as I could lift, before doing 10+ sets on the bench press! 

I know I’m not alone…

Have you done this too? 

It’s what most young guys do when they first start training at the gym…

Train the mirror muscles such as the chest, shoulders, and biceps!

But happens? 

Well, here’s what happened to me…

My chest grew. But I also ended up with lots of shoulder problems, muscular imbalances, and a poor rounded posture (which has never fully recovered). 

If I could go back in time, here’s what I would do…

Warm-up my shoulder joints before every chest and tricep workout. 

I would do a combination of mobility exercises combined with scapula strengthening exercises. Try these 12 exercises out to improve mobility in the shoulders.

The mobility exercises are intended to release tight shoulders, and the scapula strengthening exercises are to help pull your shoulders back into a healthier position before going into heavy presses. 

Here are 5 warm-up exercises I would recommend doing before your next chest and tricep workout:

Thread the needle (20 reps each side)

Banded overheads (20 reps)

External shoulder rotations with a resistance band (20 reps each side)

Scapula floor shoulder press (20 reps)

Incline scapula raise (20 reps)

#2 Perform Your Heavy Sets First

Compound lifts are the best way to add muscle tissue to your frame. When it comes to building your chest and triceps, here are the best exercises you can do:

  • Barbell bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Decline bench press
  • Close-grip barbell press
  • Flat dumbbell press
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Decline dumbbell press
  • Close-grip dumbbell press 
  • Parrel bar dips 
  • Bench dips
  • E-Z bar skull crushers 

Once you’ve done your warm-up (see the previous point), I would recommend going into your heavy compound lifts. This is crucial.

For your chest and tricep workout, I would recommend picking 2 compound exercises for your chest and one for your triceps e.g. 

  • Bench press and incline DB press for chest 
  • Dips for triceps 


  • Incline barbell press and flat DB press for chest
  • E-Z bar skull crushers for triceps 

Before going into your heavy sets, do 1-3 warm-up sets so your body gets used to the movement pattern and also to warm up your joints. 

Once you’ve done your mobility drills and weights warm-ups, you’re good to go.

For your heavy sets, I recommend doing two sets per exercise:

  • 1 top set of 6-8 reps 
  • 1 back off set of 10-15 reps. 

The first set should be as heavy as you can lift for 6-8 reps with good form. And the second set a little lighter (20-30% less weight) but more reps (10-15). 

One to two heavy sets per muscle group (done correctly) is all you need when it comes to compound lifts. 

For example, a chest and tricep workout could look like this:

Chest (Exercise 1):

  • Flat barbell bench press x 6-8 reps 
  • rest 90-120s
  • Flat barbell bench press x 10-15 reps
  • rest 90-120s

Chest (Exercise 2):

  • Incline DB press x 6-8 reps 
  • rest 90-120s
  • Incline DB press x 10-15 reps 
  • rest 90-120s

Triceps (Exercise 1):

  • Dips x 6-8 reps
  • rest 90-120s
  • Dips x 10-15 reps
  • rest 90-120s

Then you would go into isolation exercises, which brings me on to my next point…

#3 Pump Up Your Chest and Triceps with isolations exercises

Pump Up Your Chest and Triceps with isolations exercises

Once you’ve done your heavy chest and tricep compound lifts, it’s time to do hypertrophy work, which is where you chase after a good muscle pump and create lactic acid in the muscle that causes them to burn. 

Here are some awesome chest and tricep isolation exercises:


  • Cable cross over
  • Flat/incline or decline dumbbell fly 
  • Pec deck 


  • Push down (on cables or using a resistance band) 
  • Overhead extensions 
  • Kickbacks

For isolation exercises, I recommend picking 1-2 exercises per muscle group. The aim is to do slightly high reps (15-20 reps) and focus on good form and hard muscle contractions.

When you do these isolation exercises make-sure to go slow and controlled. As a general rule of thumb you should take between 3-4s on the eccentric portion of the rep (lowering phase) and 1-2s on the concentric portion (lifting phase). This is also known as TUT – Time Under Tension.

BONUS TIP – Make-sure to squeeze your working muscles as hard as possible throughout the entire set.

#4 Take a Pre Workout 

A good pre-workout meal, combined with a pre-workout drink, will ensure that you have the right nutrients to build muscle. 

For my pre-workout meal here is what I have:

  • 100g cream of rice
  • 60g whey protein 
  • 200g berries
  • 30g dark chocolate (85%)

I also have the following pre-workout drinks:

The above ensures I have enough protein for muscle building/recovery. It’s the perfect balance of easy to digest food, with enough protein, carbs, and fats for optimal performance. 

P.S the above works well for me. You will likely need different amounts depending on your current starting position and goals. If you need some help with this, please drop me a private message – contact Nick here

#5 Fuel Your body with protein and a supplement stack 

Alongside the pre-workout meal/drinks, I would recommend taking:

If you click the blue links above, you will see the supplements I currently take. The above supplements take care of:

  • Energy 
  • Digestion 
  • Recovery 
  • Sleep
  • Overall health 
  • Boost performance

Chest and Tricep Workout that will lead to serious muscle gains…

Grow Your Pecs

If you want to pay extra attention to your chest and triceps, I would train them two times per week, for example:

  1. Monday – chest, and triceps (workout 1)
  2. Tuesday – back, biceps, and abs
  3. Wednesday – rest 
  4. Thursday – chest and triceps (workout 2)
  5. Friday – legs 
  6. Saturday – shoulders 
  7. Sunday – rest 

Chest and Tricep Workout 1:

#1 Flat barbell bench press 

  • First set = 6-10 reps
  • Second set = 10-15 reps 
  • 90-120s rest between sets

#2 Incline DB press

  • First set = 6-10 reps
  • Second set = 10-15 reps 
  • 90-120s rest between sets

#3 DB skull crushers 

  • First set = 6-10 reps
  • Second set = 10-15 reps 
  • 90-120s rest between sets

#4 Incline DB fly 

  • 3 sets (20, 18, 15 reps) 
  • 60s rest between sets

#5 Resistance band tricep extensions 

  • 3 sets (30, 25, 20 reps)
  • 60s rest between sets

Chest and Tricep Workout 2:

#1 Flat DB press

  • First set = 6-10 reps
  • Second set = 10-15 reps 
  • 90-120s rest between sets

#2 Incline barbell chest press

  • First set = 6-10 reps
  • Second set = 10-15 reps 
  • 90-120s rest between sets

#3 Overhead DB tricep extensions 

  • First set = 6-10 reps
  • Second set = 10-15 reps 
  • 90-120s rest between sets

#4 Flat DB fly 

  • 3 sets (20, 18, 15 reps) 
  • 60s rest between sets

#5 One arm tricep pushdown 

  • 3 sets each arm (30, 25, 20 reps) 
  • 60s rest between sets

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