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Shoulder Mobility Exercises: Escape Pain & Boost Performance With These 12 Exercises…


If you are suffering with poor shoulder mobility or shoulder pain and want to solve it…

This article ‘shoulder mobility exercises’ has been written for you. 

I can promise that if you follow my guidelines and look after your shoulders… you’ll be working out pain-free for many years to come. 

What you’ll get by reading the article:

  • 12 exercises guaranteed to improve shoulder mobility 
  • Free 8 week shoulder mobility program 

But, before going straight into the shoulder mobility exercises, let’s get a basic understanding of the common shoulder mobility problems people experience and how to solve them…

What impacts shoulder mobility? 

What impacts shoulder mobility? 

There can be many reasons for poor shoulder mobility, but the most common one I see with general population clients who work at a desk all day is…

#1 Tightness

Particularly in the front of the shoulders and also tight biceps and chest muscles. This tightness causes the shoulders to round forward and puts the shoulders in a vulnerable position – leading to poor mobility, pain, injury, and reduced performance. 

#2 Weakness

Weak upper back and posterior shoulder muscles. These muscles are responsible for pulling your shoulder blades back into a healthy position, and when they are weak, it means your shoulders round forwards, knocking them out of alignment, and reducing your active range of motion. 

How do you improve shoulder mobility? 

Each person can vary, which is why it’s so important to invest in a personal trainer who can help you specifically with your situation. You may also need a sports massage to loosen off very tight muscles. But as a general rule of thumb, you can often improve your shoulder mobility by…

1) Reducing tightness – by mobilising/stretching the chest, front shoulders, and biceps.

2) Strengthen the muscles at the back of the body – upper back, mid-back, lats, and rear shoulders. You can do this with specific strength exercises.

Let’s jump in to the shoulder mobility exercises…

Shoulder Mobility Exercises & Stretches:

Shoulder circles warm-up 

Shoulder warm-up – banded overheads

Chest stretch – loop resistance band

Chest stretch on a bench 

Pec stretch

Pec, shoulder, and bicep stretch

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises:

Floor scapula shoulder press

Alternating scapula press

Incline scapula row 

Scapula around the worlds

Scapula Cuban press

Incline scapula press 

8 Week Shoulder Mobility Exercise Program 

I would recommend doing this routine two to three days per week. 

  • Shoulder circles warm-up (10 forward + 10 backward)
  • Shoulder warm-up – banded overheads (20 reps)
  • Chest stretch – loop resistance band (hold each side for 45s)
  • Chest stretch on a bench (hold each side for 45s)
  • Pec stretch (45s each side)
  • Pec, shoulder, and bicep stretch (45s each side) 
  • Floor scapula shoulder press (20-30 reps)
  • Alternating scapula press (20-30 reps)
  • Incline scapula row (15-20 reps)
  • Scapula around the worlds (15-20 reps)
  • Scapula Cuban press (15-20 reps)
  • Incline scapula press (15-20 reps)

You could also do the above routine as part of a warm-up. For example, touch wood…I’m pain-free at the moment (thanks to the above exercises) – so I only do the above routine once per week. I usually do the above before my chest and tricep workout – to warm up my shoulder joints and prepare them for heavy presses. 

Thank You…

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I hope you’ve found it helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch here

Thanks again. Here’s to no more shoulder pain!

Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness

Nick Screeton – LEP Fitness