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How to Work Out at the Gym without All the Anxiety…

How to Work Out at the Gym without All the Anxiety…

We all promise ourselves that we’ll start working out from next year, next Monday, or tomorrow. Yet, that almost never happens!

Even though we lead busy lifestyles, we can still find time to exercise! It’s an important component of our well-being and happiness. No matter how busy our schedules might get, we can all find time four times a week to do something good for ourselves. 

Here’s are 6 things you can do to increase the likelihood of a better workout and also to help you reach your fitness goals

#1 Invest in good workout clothes

Sporting a new outfit at the gym for the first time will do wonders for your confidence. A common problem people face is that they think everyone is looking at them and judging them because they don’t feel like they belong at the gym yet – it’s good to look and feel the part, to boost your confidence!

This investment also ensures you’ll keep working out and motivates you to keep going. After all, there’s no use spending money on quality equipment if you’re not going to use it, right?

#2 Listen to good music

Bring your headphones and listen to your favourite tunes! Though this one may be obvious, it’s an essential part of any new gym member’s workout routine. 

Music has a way of inspiring us and making us strive forward. Listening to upbeat music can motivate you to keep going and improve the quality of your workouts.

#3 Bring a friend

If you’re really self-conscious and really can’t put up with the atmosphere at the gym by yourself, it’s okay to bring a friend. Not only will they help you feel like you are less alone, but they’ll also be there to motivate you to reach your goals. 

A buddy system works great for both of you as you’ll have mutual support. It’ll also be easier to stay committed to working out regularly if you have someone to do it with. Finally, this can be a great bonding activity since you’ll always have someone who you can talk to about this new part of your life. 

#4 Use supplements 

Some people say that you shouldn’t use supplements when working out, but that’s only because they’re not using the right ones! The chemical ones can be really bad for your health and you should avoid them, that much is true. Others, though, help you on your journey to becoming a fit and healthy person.

For beginners, it’s best to try high-quality vegan protein. Using supplements ensures you’re fuelling your body with the proper nutrients, and protein is a great place to start. This’ll help you reach results faster and make you more comfortable working out. 

#5 Don’t compare yourself to other people

It’s inevitable that you’ll see fit people who can endure a lot more than you can. You can’t control that. What you can control is how you react to it. Instead of thinking about how that person is much stronger than you are, and how you’ll never be like them – admire their dedication and copy their actions.

Remember that these people have all started from the same place you are starting from right now. You can’t compare your beginning with the routine they have perfected over the years. 

Look forward to the future, be persistent, and you too will be like those people before you know it!

#6 Reach Out For Help

Anxiety can often be crippling. No matter what you do…the anxiety is deeply embedded, and in some cases, you may need extra support. Anxiety, panic attacks, and nervous breakdowns can happen and stop you from moving forwards not only in the gym but life in general. If this sounds like you, please don’t worry, there are many online resources available to guide you in the right direction. I recommend websites such as BetterHelp – these types of sites will advise you on how to find the right help so that you can rebuild and move forward in the direction you wish.