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Liam Gets Ripped In 6 Weeks With LEP Fitness

Liam Gets Ripped In 6 Weeks With LEP Fitness

It’s incredible what can be achieved with your body in just six weeks…

With the right coach, a solid plan of action, and a compliant client, you can go from having little muscle definition…to abs, broad shoulders, and ripped arm muscles.

Liam has been working with me for the last six weeks and has been a pleasure to coach. In this article, I’m going to share some of our body transformation secrets…

The Key To A Successful Body Transformation

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There’s a big difference between a body transformation coach vs a regular gym trainer…

If your main focus is on body image and you want to improve how you look, make sure you hire a body transformation expert….not an everyday gym trainer.

A body transformation coach is very different and knows that a specific training and nutritional plan needs to be followed to achieve head-turning results.

Body Transformation Secrets…

With Liam, there are two main things we’ve focused on:

#1 Body Transformation Weight Training

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Liam has trained with me in the LEP Fitness private personal training studio 2x per week and has also completed 2x home workouts per week.

In our coaching sessions, we’ve focused on heavy lifts such as dumbbell presses and rows. At the end of the session, we do isolation exercises such as dumbbell side raises, bicep curls, skull crushers, etc.

For Liam’s home workouts, he’s used basic gym equipment such as DB’s and a barbell. Resistance bands also work well for home workouts. Check out my free 8-week resistance training program.

Alongside 4 x resistance training sessions, Liam has also done cardio three days per week, starting at a 30-minute walk and slowly moving up to a 45-minute walk 3 days per week. The walk helps with fat loss.

#2 Nutrition For A Body Transformation

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To lose fat while at the same time building muscle, you need to a) create a calorie deficit – by reducing the number of calories you eat and b) consume enough protein to build and maintain muscle mass.

Liam has consistently consumed between 150-175g of protein each day. I have slowly lowered his calories over time to ensure body fat comes off slowly, steadily, and most importantly….sustainably.

He has consumed four meals per day, all rich in protein with a mixture of carbs and fats.

An example of a training day meal plan looks like this:

  • Breakfast – 80g rice Krispies with 300ml Almond milk and 40g whey
  • Pre Workout – 2 rice cakes + 1 x banana + 40g whey protein shake
  • Lunch – 250g chicken + 2 bagels and salad
  • Dinner – 600-800 calories of his choice (protein-rich meal)

An example non-training day looks like this:

  • Breakfast – 2 rashers of bacon, two eggs, and two bagels
  • Snack – 50g protein shake or 1x grenade bar
  • Lunch – 250g protein food of choice with 80g rice and veg
  • Dinner – 600-800 calories of his choice (protein-rich meal)
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Checking In Each Week:

Alongside our coaching sessions, Liam would send me a check in each week (via email) telling me his weight and sending in some pictures and overall feedback.

I then made micro-changes each week to ensure progress continued. To get body transformation results, you need to make small tweaks to food every 1-2 weeks. Again, this is why you should seek expert help – not all personal trainers are skilled in body transformations.

Would You Like To Be The Next LEP Fitness Success Story?

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In 8-12 weeks, you could have the body of your dreams. All you need is the right coach, a plan of action, and the discipline to follow through with the program…

If you do this…

Results are guaranteed.

P.S. you can work with me either face to face or online. Whatever suits you best.

Thanks for reading,

Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness

Nick Screeton – Founder of LEP Fitness