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Top 50 Free Fat Loss Tips: All in One Place


Top 50 Free Fat Loss Tips: All in One Place


When it comes to fat loss, I have never met a day to day person who is not completely confused by everything they watch and read on the subject.

I would always recommend people to find a coach who they trust, who achieves results and then follow the way they work.

Trainers who get people in amazing shape will all have a slightly different way of working. Some coaches will favour one style of training/ eating and others will not.

In many cases, this does not mean that either coach is right or wrong with their style of coaching and methods, providing what they do works for their clientèle.

However the day to day person who reads up on fat loss and takes in too much information from a variety of sources will often get extremely puzzled and your results will reflect this

I would hope to think that by reading this short article and following the work that is done by LEP Fitness, you see it as a valuable source of information that really does work. LEP Fitness endeavours to research and asses each and every method that has been learnt, to ensure your results continually improve week by week.

On that note, I thought I would pull together many of the tips which I have learned over the years and put them in 1 place for all to benefit.

Enjoy the…

50 free Fat loss tips

  1. Drink adequate amounts of water (minimum 2 litres per day)
  2. Make time for exercise (30 minutes minimum per day)
  3. Eat to lose fat don’t starve yourself (at least 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day)
  4. Train Hard (push yourself out of your comfort zone)
  5. Prioritise diet around protein (at least a handful of protein per meal)
  6. Get 7-8 hrs sleep per night
  7. Surround yourself with like minded people – people who inspire you
  8. Constantly evaluate your progress ; are you on track?
  9. Consume a multivitamin with your breakfast drink
  10. Start the day with 500ml ice cold water
  11. Consume 1 Omega 3 capsule with breakfast
  12. Always eat a high protein breakfast (protein shake, or steak and eggs work great)
  13. Eat greens with every meal
  14. Eat high fibre foods daily (vegetables, brown rice)
  15. Don’t copy the diet your friend uses (everybody is different and needs a plan to work for them)
  16. Train with people who are in better shape than you
  17. Hire a coach who knows more than you – you will get much faster results
  18. Don’t go low carb for too long (4 weeks max)
  19. Don’t train on an empty stomach
  20. Consume most of your carbs around workout time (pre, during and after)
  21. Use rest days as an opportunity to eat less (you don’t need as much energy)
  22. Prioritise weight training over cardio – this will also improve your body shape
  23. Limit fruit intake (2-3x per week) and if consumed eat after a hard workout session
  24. Learn how to lift weights properly
  25. Learn how to cook healthy dishes
  26. Enjoy the fat loss process you’ll also look and feel better
  27. Spend quality time with friends and family ; enjoy your rest from training – there is more to life than working out
  28. Prepare your foods In advance everyday – get organised
  29. Protein shakes are great snacks for fat loss (they will not make you fat!)
  30. Don’t train for other people. Do it for you.
  31. Rotate your foods regularly – to prevent food allergies
  32. Cut out alcohol – or reduce it to special occasions
  33. Avoid caffeine after 1pm – otherwise your sleep will be affected
  34. Drink green tea and black coffee or use almond milk instead of cow milk
  35. Avoid common food intolerances – dairy, wheat, gluten
  36. Train to build muscle (more muscle = more fat loss)
  37. Eat good fats (nuts and fish)
  38. Cook with healthy oils – rapeseed, coconut, olive
  39. Minimise processed food – cut out the rubbish
  40. Slowly reduce your recovery time between exercise for greater Fat loss
  41. Choose compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench press, chin ups, dips, split squats, RDL)
  42. Sleep in a room that is pitch black – more sleep tips here 
  43. Reading before bed will help you switch off
  44. Buy meat and poultry from your local butchers (it’s usually much cheaper and better quality)
  45. Avoid carbs on non training days
  46. Take weekly pictures to asses progress
  47. Walk, cycle, run to work
  48. Forget about the word ‘EXCUSE’. They are easy to make and they will not help you
  49. Drink bottled water
  50. Never give up – you will have good and bad days but don’t lose heart


Alongside the above one of the most important things to do when going on a fat loss journey is to:

#1 Enjoy the process – so many people focus on the end result. Remember to enjoy each day. Focus on winning the day, do this on repeat and results are guaranteed anyway.

#2 Select foods you enjoy – there is no point in following a keto diet all you life if it makes you miserable. By all means do a 28 day keto challenge if you wish, or do 2 months, but what happens after that? I’ve never met anybody who can stay on a set diet all their life, even bodybuilders and athletes need variety. If you would like 180 free LEP Fitness recipe’s to try then please contact me here – I will send them straight to your inbox.

#3 Focus on you – it’s easy to compare yourself to others on Instagram and to try and compete with your friends, but remember your fat loss journey is unique and special to you. Don’t waste another day looking at other people, focus on how you want to look and feel.

#4 Take time off – there is no harm in taking a break from dieting. Now i wouldn’t recommend going out on binging on rubbish – that is a sure way to undo all of your hard work. However on Birthdays and days like Xmas having a day of relaxed eating every now and then won’t do you any harm.

#5 Do the exercise you love –  there are many ways to burn fat, weight training, walking, hiring a personal trainer, fitness classes, virtual personal training, jogging, cycling, swimming, tennis, football, rugby, etc. Pick exercise that you enjoy doing.