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What Does a Swedish Full Body Massage Include?

What Does a Swedish Full Body Massage Include

If you are planning to go for a massage session soon, then you may want to opt for a Swedish full body massage, which is common in almost all spas, massage clinics and wellness centers.

A lot of people associate Swedish massage with relaxation, and it has been around since 1868 when it was brought to light by Doctor Johann Georg Mezger.

Swedish massage is primarily designed to relieve tension and to energize you. The type of massage achieves that by using different techniques that include.


 This technique involves long and slow sliding movements of the palm of the massage therapist, or their fingers over the top layer of the skin. In most cases, oil is used to in order to help the hand of the therapist to glide over the areas that needs to be addressed. This movement of this technique is typically used at the start and end of the Swedish massage.


This technique usually involves kneading, rolling and sometimes picking up muscles and the skin. It is usually more focused with a muscle or specific group of muscles and it helps improve the blood flow on the areas that are being targeted.


Also known as percussion, this method usually involves quick pounding or drumming in a rhythmic movement. Just like petrissage, this method usually stimulate blood flow and in addition, it helps tone the skin and muscle that’s being worked on.


The friction technique usually involves incorporating deeper or more static pressure to specific areas that have tightness or spasm. This type of pressure is usually applied just for a few seconds and it is done with fingers, knuckles or thumb, and then it is released after the tightness has been resolved.

What is Swedish massage good for?

The various techniques used in Swedish massage are designed to soothe your muscles, improve circulation, and help you feel more relaxed. This type of massage uses softer strokes on the delicate parts of your body and then use stronger strokes on thicker parts of your body.

The therapist usually knows how to adjust these strokes accordingly, which makes it a perfect massage for anyone who wants to enjoy maximum relaxation. If you want to enjoy this type of massage, then why not hire a massage therapist – a specialist who can travel to your house.

In addition to the calming benefits that the Swedish full body massage is also thought to have more benefits like easing muscular strain – since it flushes out toxins, improving circulation as it increases oxygen flow in the blood, reducing emotional as well as physical stress, and also helping keep tendons and ligaments supple.

If you are in any pain or you are pregnant it will be wise to inform your massage therapist upfront, so that they can adjust their strokes appropriately.

What should I expect from a Swedish massage?

The massage session will take about one, to one and a half hours. You will be given a chance alone to undress and lie down on the massage table which is usually very comfortable, and cover yourself with towels provided. You really don’t need to be fully exposed during the entire time so the massage therapist will be uncovering you little by little depending on the area of focus. And if you are worried about anything don’t be afraid to say so, because the massage therapists will accommodate your needs .

The Swedish massage usually takes into account your tender or delicate areas in your body meaning that the massage session will be soothing and comfortable. Depending on where you will be receiving the Swedish massage, you the massage therapist might play some cool music to make you feel even more relaxed.

If you are unhappy with anything in the room or by how your massage therapist is conducting the massage, don’t hesitate to speak out because the ultimate goal of a massage is to make you feel relaxed and happy.

Some therapists enjoys having a chit chat with their clients, but if you’d prefer it for the whole process to be in silence, then just tell them and they will be happy to oblige. All that matters is that you leave the room feeling relaxed and happy. After the session you will probably feel sleepy, so be sure to give yourself some time to unwind.