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What is the Difference Between Distilled Water and Mineral Water?

What is the Difference Between Distilled Water and Mineral Water?

When you go to your local supermarket and you walk down the water aisle, there are endless choices. We are not just talking about the different brands that are available. There are also different types of water…

A lot of people assume that they are all very similar. It is all just water, right?

Well, there is a difference that is important to know about. In particular, the main choice you are going to have is between distilled and mineral water. Let’s take a look at the difference.

What is Mineral Water?

If you find mineral water at your local store, this is water that is sourced from a natural mineral spring.  Often, they are bottled at the source, which means the water is not processed. It is going to contain many minerals that make it a good choice for hydration and improving health.

A lot of people like mineral water because it has a unique taste due to the minerals it contains. Indeed, various sources of water from around the country are going to taste different. They contain different types and amounts of minerals, which creates a unique taste.

There are so many advantages offered by mineral water. For instance, since it contains calcium, silica and magnesium, which can help you be healthy and continue on a weight loss journey. It can also lessen body acidity and brands like Donat.mg can help improve digestion. Ultimately, mineral water is linked to a lot of health benefits, such as lowering bad cholesterol, enhancing the skin, reducing inflammation and protecting the kidneys.

One thing to note is that mineral water can cost more money than distilled water. This can depend on where the product is bottled and the branding of the water.

What is Distilled Water?

If you see distilled water in your local store, this is a type of water that has gone through a distillation process. In other words, it has had impurities removed from the water. This often involves boiling it and using the steam that is created. Distillation can be a good thing, as it means there will be no bacteria or viruses present in the water you are going to drink. It is pure and safe.

Another useful thing to know is that distilled water will not have any chlorine in it. Not only does this mean that it is better for your body to drink but it can also improve the taste. A lot of people like how ‘clean’ and light the water tastes compared to tap water and mineral water. Yet, there are some people that do not like the taste of this type of water, as it can be described as tasting ‘flat’.

But the problem with distillation is that it is removing everything from the water. This includes any good minerals and electrolytes. It has been found that the distillation process will remove 99.9 percent of minerals from the water. It also does not contain fluoride, which can protect you from cavities. If you all you drink is distilled water, there is going to be a risk that you do not consume all of the minerals that your body needs to stay healthy.

For example, you might end up with an imbalance of electrolytes if you drink a lot of water or you do a lot of exercise. You are going to have to urinate and sweat, which means that you lose sodium and minerals at the same time. If you hydrate with distilled water, this is going to mean that you do not replace the minerals or electrolytes. You will have to ensure that you consume these things in your diet instead.

Mineral vs Distilled Water: Which One is Best?

So, should you choose mineral or distilled water when you are at the supermarket?

Ultimately, both are going to help you stay hydrated, which is the main thing. With distilled water, you know that it is clean from impurities, which can offer you peace of mind. In particular, it is not going to have chlorine present in the water, which is something that can make your water taste strange. So, the distillation process can create a ‘clean’ taste.

But mineral water is going to provide you with the essential minerals that your body needs. Let’s not forget that it is sourced from a natural mineral spring, which offers a lot of health benefits that simply cannot be ignored. The natural minerals can improve your overall health, assisting with digestion and lessen body acidity.

These are only two examples. You may also prefer the taste provided by the natural mineral springs in the country and different mineral waters will enjoy a unique taste. This can mean you can enjoy different water from the local store.