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6 Common Reasons Why People Fail To Lose Weight…


6 Common Reasons Why People Fail To Lose Weight

In 6 Common Reasons Why People Fail To Lose Weight I aim to highlight some of the common reasons why people fail when it comes to weight loss. I have based this on my Sheffield Personal Training experience with LEP Fitness.

This article is mainly directed towards beginners with less than 2 years gym experience. I have also inserted links to help you find solutions and strategies which will guarantee weight loss in the future.

1) Lack of training intensity 

I see this all the time at commercial gyms. The same people training day-in-day-out, but after 12 months they still look exactly the same. Intensity is poor and session lack passion and intensity.

Intensity is key when it comes to losing weight, and the harder you train the quicker your results will be. It’s better to do 4 x intense 30 minute workouts than it is to do 4 x 60 minute low intensity sessions.

If you’re unsure of how hard you should be training then I would recommend hiring a fitness expert. I remember thinking that I used to train hard, until I hired a coach at M10 Fitness called Mark Coles. After the session I nearly threw up! I realised I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough.

Start with 30 minutes 3x per week and then add in another 30 minute session before increasing session duration. Make the 30 minutes super intense.

The only time I would advise somebody to train at a low intensity is when they are highly stressed : Stress The NO 1 Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight. 

Also, if you are new to working out and are unfit then I would recommend starting out with low intensity training and slowly building up. This may take you 3-6 months. But as soon as you can train hard and go for it.

Training hard combined with good nutrition and rest are the keys to rapid results.

2) Rubbish Diet

This is not rocket science, diet is often most peoples downfall when it comes to weight loss. From my experience beginners either keep no track of their food i.e. they eat whatever they want or they go super restrictive for a couple of weeks and then fall of the bandwagon and binge.

One things for certain if your objective is weight loss, diet holds the key to your success. Don’t overcomplicate your diet and restrict every food under the sun, living of chicken salads 3x per day! That’s a nonsense approach and not sustainable.

Stick to single ingredient foods i.e. the food is what it is : potatoes, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. Eat as much as you want when you want, providing you stick to single ingredient foods, you will be fuller, healthier and lose weight.

Also, remember that weight loss all comes down to calories in vs calories out – So the first thing to get right is your calorie intake. Also, make sure you have a meal plan that works for you and is conducive towards your goals. You may need to hire a PT to do this or a dietician.

3) Lack Of Knowledge

When I ask somebody why they are following X training program or X diet they often say . . . er to lose weight! They see an article in a magazine or hear from a friend about the . . .lose 10 stone in 3 days diet!

The problem lies in a lack of understanding as to how this diet is going to make them lose weight. Now you don’t have to come from a sports science or nutrition background. You should however strive to have a basic understanding of calories (carbs, protein, fat), calorie input/output, and a basic understanding of anatomy which will all give you an advantage and understanding of why you are doing what you are doing.

Knowledge is power when it comes to physical transformation, make-sure to invest time in the learning as much as the training and dieting. If you don’t know where to start higher a personal trainer to get you up the ladder quickly : Get The Best From Your Personal Training Experience

4) Poor Sleep 

We all feel rubbish after a poor nights sleep right?

But sleep often fails to get a mention when it comes to weight loss, it’s my diet that’s wrong! Or my training! Poor sleep will increase stress, decrease training intensity and make you feel sub par in everyday life. When you sleep and rest well you are dramatically increasing your chances of weight loss.

I have written lots of articles on the importance of sleep and shared lots of ways to get a better nights sleep, I would recommend reading these two articles after this post:

5) Lack of Fat in the diet 

Fat is bad! Fat is evil! Sorry but if you think this you are wrong.

Fat’s found in nuts, oils and fish will improve brain functioning, hormone functioning, body composition and mindset. Start your day with a high protein/fat breakfast for 7 days and see how much better you feel.

6) Stress

Stress will shut your body down and stop it from losing weight, run down your immune system and make functioning optimally impossible.

Stress isn’t a bad thing, it’s a part of life and it helps us to grow, but when we are chronically stressed it’s not a good thing. You will get sick, your body composition will suffer (you’ll lose muscle and store more fat).

If you can reduce your stresses then you will notice a huge difference to your health, fitness and overall well-being. Here are some tips on how to reduce stress:

  • Increase your sleep
  • Take an afternoon nap
  • Walk
  • Foam roll and stretch
  • Get out in sunlight
  • Take days off from work, email, social media, etc
  • Invest in a sport massage to help your muscles recover
  • Plan – get organised
  • Meditate
  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Say NO to things that cause you stress – don’t take on too much

For tips on how to reduce stress visit : Stress The No 1 Reason Why Your Not Losing Weight

If you have any questions please leave your comments below. If you are looking for specific help and are based in Sheffield please Contact Me.


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