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Top 50 Male Muscle Building Tips



Top 50 Male Muscle Building Tips…

Building muscle is extremely difficult, unless you were born Superman?

Well that’s why I am about to share with you my Top 50 Male Muscle Building Tips which will help you grow some serious muscle mass.

Building muscle is like building a house, you need the right materials (training and nutrition) and a plan in place to ensure optimal progression.

I can 100% guarantee that even if you only apply a handful of these tips, for the next 28 days, that you will still see some serious muscle gains.

Without further ado I am honoured to share with you my Top 50 Male Muscle Building Tip . . .

  1. Vary your workouts every 4-8 weeks
  2. Prioritise weaker muscle groups
  3. Get a minim of 7hrs sleep per night – here are tips to sleep like a baby 
  4. Foam roll before each session
  5. Master form before adding weight
  6. Start with heavier lifts first
  7. Start each session with a lower rep range on your 1st exercise (3-5 reps)
  8. Vary rep ranges over each session from 3 reps to 30+ repetitions
  9. Induce a high lactic acid response towards the end of each session by doing higher reps (15+)
  10. Train with a lifting partner (a good one, not someone who talks about their weekend all session!)
  11. Leave your ego at the door
  12. Consume between 1.5 and 2.5g of protein per bodyweight
  13. 18 calories per lb of bodyweight i.e. 200lb male X 18 cals = 3600 cals per day
  14. More calories on training days
  15. Less calories on rest days
  16. Rotate foods every 3-4 weeks
  17. Focus on muscular contraction throughout every part of the rep (mind to muscle connection)
  18. Consume a portion of protein with every meal
  19. Take a good multivitamin
  20. Take digestive enzymes and probiotics for a healthier gut
  21. Consume Omega 3 to reduce inflammation
  22. Take a break or lower training volume if you feel chronically fatigued
  23. Ensure high intake of vegetables with each meal to aid digestion
  24. Consume creatine (take between 5-15g per day)
  25. Consume a minimum of 3-4 litres per day, more on training days
  26. Keep a training log of weights, reps, sets, etc
  27. Use training variables to bust through plateaus; drop sets, supersets, giant sets, rest/pause, bands, eccentrics, partials, etc
  28. The higher the volume of training the more you need to eat
  29. The lower the volume of training the less you need to eat
  30. Pay more attention to your posterior chain (back, hamstrings, glutes, calves) when training
  31. Hire an experienced body transformation coach
  32. Study, watch, read and learn from experts : knowledge is power
  33. Write down training goals and make regular assessments
  34. Fasting : every now and then (once every 4 weeks) it’s good to give your digestive system a break for 12-24hrs by fasting – read more here
  35. Add 10-15g of glutamine into your post-workout shake
  36. Consume a higher ratio of carbs on training days (lower carbs on non training days)
  37. Pull back on carbs if your gaining too much body fat (12 to 15% +)
  38. Eat frequently to get in more calories throughout the day (between 4-8 meal per day)
  39. Implement occlusion training at the end of your workouts to increase muscle pump
  40. Add in an intra workout shake (between 20-50g vitargo) to give your body extra calories & energy. Have a higher dose (up to 50g) on larger muscle group days (back, chest, legs)
  41. Be patient : if you can cultivate between 3-5kg of lean muscle tissue per year you are doing extremely well
  42. Take ZMA before bed
  43. Use Epsom salts in baths to aid recovery
  44. Eat enough good fats to increase natural testosterone (nuts, eggs, salmon, mackerel, olive oil, avocados, olives, etc)
  45. Eat every 2-3hrs
  46. Get regular soft tissue work done (sports massage) the more and harder you train the more frequently you should have work done
  47. Train your muscles from different angles e.g. flat, incline, wide grip, narrow grip, supinated grip, pronated grip, use cables, dumbbells and different machines to work on different areas of the muscle
  48. Increase amino acid intake around training
  49. Focus on time under tension training (lowering and lifting the weights under control i.e. 4 seconds down, 2 seconds up) : keep constant tension throughout
  50. Utilise compound lifts to build mass : squats, bench press and deadlifts

Final Thoughts (+Bonus Tips) On Building Muscle:

Remember that building muscle takes time. If you’re a natural bodybuilder then adding 3-5lbs per month is a good achievement.

You don’t want to gain fat, it will make you slower, and feel more sluggish and impact your bodies ability to utilise carbohydrates (causing insulin resistance).

Also, adding more fat is going to lead to more inflammation in the body which is going to impact your recovery between workouts.  

So remember that building muscle takes time

If you apply a bunch of tips in this post it’s going to help you build some impressive muscle mass, but the key areas – and most important ones to focus on are:

#1 Increasing Your Food – like lifting more, you need to eat more. To get bigger you must slowly increase calories over time, for example adding 50-100 calories per week. 

#2 Progressive Overload – get stronger over time. You should be adding weights and reps to your exercises and logging your workouts in a gym diary. 

#3 Mini Diet Breaks – there will come a point when you need to do a mini diet break and lose some body fat. You can’t just keep upping your calories forever, without gaining fat. For example, you may do an 8-12 week bulk, followed by a 2-4 week fat loss phase. This is just an example, it may be different for you, but it’s important to remember that bodybuilding is often two steps forward one step back. 

#4 Rest & Nutrition – this is where you body heals and recovers, and if you get this wrong you are missing out on maximising your muscle gains. The most important of these is nutrition and sleep. Nutrition – consuming lots of protein, and vegetables, and of course carbs when needed. Sleep – aiming for at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. 

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Nick Screeton – Author and founder of LEP Fitness